Who are Soulmates? And why everyone needs to aim for one?

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 Soulmates are those souls with whom a soul develops an affinity with as it has spent considerable time in the material and spiritual world. Soulmates are therefore those who understand each other and normally are those who have similar goals or at least respect another soul’s goals. These goals are often soul-driven as a soul needs to learn a few lessons before moving on to the next birth. Therefore, most of the affable souls are also on the same learning curve as the other. This creates a special bond of learning, love and respect that lasts several lifetimes.

Sometimes souls come together as a team for higher purpose leading to what we know as the Soulmates. Therefore, Soulmates are not always romantic coupling but it can be supporting friends, colleagues, or others around us, etc. It is therefore a support base that one has amassed over several thousand years of conscious existence in different births in different species.

Souls make these mates as spiritual growth needs Gurus as well as fellow spiritual mates. It is this very reason why Soulmates are in my view even better than Twin Flames for romantic love, as well as affable connections, are aplenty to assist and forge bonds with. Twin Flames often have to take up higher purposes and suffer much. Twin Flame connection is not just a spiritual challenge but a physical one too. The pangs and the emotional upheavals a Twin Flame suffers are missing in Soulmates hence, pure bonding minus the drama.

Soulmates are thus like a group of souls bent on learning, loving, and having fun mostly.

The tasks they take together are often replete with success and anxiety is minimal. This is why one should aim for a Soulmate connection and request one instead of a one in a million Twin Flame union which in any case is incredibly rare and where duty and Dharma leave no place for a romantic and intoxicating love story to bloom.

Twin Flames often have to don several hats as Preachers and Gurus leaving little time for their own partners which can be a rather unfulfilling connection for those who desire a romantic union as well.

This is why a Soulmate connection is superior and even Gods, when not in Twin Flame avatars, yearn one of these.

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By Namta Gupta