Soulmates: Why they are needed on Earth?

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 Twin Flames cater to a higher purpose, besides love for its counterpart, we all know that. But what purpose do Soulmates have? Is it right to confine their purpose to just love, bonding, and then passing away from one lifetime to another?

Never! Soulmates also have a higher purpose. Soulmates come on Earth to experience life but at the same time, they also like to acquire knowledge, taste different waters of far offshores, and enjoy and respect flora and fauna.

Rarely would there be a Twin Flame or a Soulmate pair who would show no respect for the other life forms, Soulmates, therefore, are often old souls and they understand that every life has some purpose on earth.

Today we find that the concept of soulmate being meant to mean romantic love of one person but it could not get farther from the truth than this, for love in itself is universal so relegating it to mean a bond between a mere two is absolutely wrong.

Soulmates too are therefore an essential part of the evolution of consciousness on earth. It does not matter whether the two souls in this connection ever become Prime Ministers or Presidents but what is surely known is that they do exercise significant influence over the society in their own way.

Their very presence is a sign of hope as they are those blessed to not just find love in each other but also share with others.

Soulmates are generous, loving, graceful, and highly intuitive. They may form bonds easily and can see through the motives of people. Soulmates also believe in respect and let live without any discrimination for they have spent so many lifetimes that color of skin or status matter absolutely nothing to them. Imagine meeting a soul as pure as this?

How do you think will you feel seeing someone so connected to the wisdom of the centuries? Those who always put rights and knowledge of living beings first? Won’t you find it miraculous seeing the embodiment of goodness in flesh and blood? Won’t you wonder how such people look and where they come from?

Isn’t this the greatest boon, for this person has attained the ultimate truth that souls matter and not where we come from?

Who are Soulmates? And why everyone needs to aim for one?

This is why soulmates come on earth and this is why soulmates often come from backgrounds and cultures as different as chalk and cheese.

Soulmates, therefore, are essential for they teach us acceptance, unbridled and pure love, honesty, and most importantly true knowledge of how the Universe works in their own kind ways.

By Namta Gupta