What are Soulmates? Know the types of Soulmates

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Soulmates are an essential part of our life system. Soulmates complete bond of love and exist in nearly every specie one can think of; animals also forge close bonds not just within their own specie but with humans as well.

Animals are also Soulmates and may have lived a life cycle in a previous birth where they may have been role reversal (present guardian was an animal then and vice versa).

It is not easy to define a Soulmate; it is a travesty when we call a relationship of mere sexual union as the basis of Soulmate. While a fulfilling relationship in sexual respect is definitely important, yet, Soulmates are also often brothers, sisters, friends, and even plants. I will narrate an old story in which a plant Soulmate helped a woman. It so happened that once a woman was unable to get married. She was alone and had no family or friends she could count on. But gradually she developed a strong connection with her neighbor’s Tulsi plant. When the neighbors would go away they would ask this orphan young woman to take care of their Tulsi which she would gladly do. She refused to take payment or goods in lieu of the care she provided and would sit and talk to the Tulsi after completing her chores. She would tell Tulsi about her secrets and desire to be loved, to get married, and have children. The Tulsi would hear her out and started praying for her friend to gain a fine match. Soon her prayers matched the vibration of the young girl’s and she got betrothed to a young and devoted man.

When one prays with devotion, the prayer is heard in the heart of our Soulmates too; together it creates a ‘pull’ so powerful that impossible becomes possible. When our Soulmates join us in prayers, love and devotion becomes a gigantic force and there can be no two doubts about it. Our care and our anxiety is their worry and they will do everything to bail us out and rise and learn together with us.

But to relegate this enormous tag to something to just a sexual union is akin to blasphemy of the lowest kind.

If you are in a Soulmate journey then know this that a Soulmate asks no questions, it just knows what you feel because they are a physical manifestation of bonds of love and devotion which we harvest after investing in true and core self of a living being. Naturally, when most needed they come to the rescue of their old soul pals who they recognize both as a partner as well as a guide.

Soulmates may display some tendencies of Twin Flames as well, but the Twin Flame connection is incredibly rare and often unite not for love but to share the burden of collective Dharmic consciousness therefore if you are one looking for love, pray for a Soulmate. By the way, among Hindus, Tulsi plant is everyone’s Soulmate, especially in India.

This may seem weird that even animals and plants are considered Soulmates but Tulsi or Peepal or Banyan or Neem live long after a human soul has moved on from one life cycle. They multiply when they spread their seeds and fruits around either through the wind, water, or birds or bees. As their seeds spread, a new tree or plant takes birth and as we know every living being has ‘prana’ (life force or consciousness) and consciousness of a bond with a soul also gets transferred to the new tree and when that soul takes birth again, the plant recognizes the kindred soul that once took care of it.

A gradual affinity will again blossom and soon the two will embark on a new journey of learning, cherishing, and guiding each other. Trees and plants also forge as deep a bond as humans, they understand kindness as well as neglect. It is this consciousness of ‘prana’ or soul in every living being that made Amrita Devi of Bishnoi sect clutch and hug a tree even as an axe fell down on her head, killing her body, and immortalizing her soul in the hearts of Indian Hindus forever.

‘A chopped head is way cheaper than a felled tree’ she had famously uttered as she embraced martyrdom. Now imagine this, a soul’s noble act of this magnitude, which is even entrenched in our minds despite we being forgetful creatures, after centuries, will definitely be entrenched in the collective consciousness of trees that witnessed such a sacrifice. If the soul like hers comes back on earth won’t the plants and trees pray alongside? Won’t they try to help the soul in their capacity? By now the seeds of these trees would have multiplied, and some would be new and some would be old but each has treasured the soul’s noble act and would do everything in their power to repay. Everything that such a soul desires to do; even attaining moksha will find complete cooperation of nature.

Please remember that a random act of kindness is great, but when a person understands risks and goes out despite understanding that his life will be in the line of fire, it is even more powerful and the Universe takes it upon itself to pay the karmic reward against odds set up by humans.

Therefore, if you desire love then invest wholesomely in love. Create Soulmates through love, and start with the innocent souls like the animals, the fishes, the birds, and the plants. Nurture them for they ask nothing except some kindness. Tell them your desires and when they recognize you as a kindred soul, they too will join in your prayers and aspirations. Trust this process and be patient. Trust and invest in love, and love will blossom.

Soulmates: Why they are needed on Earth?

By Namta Gupta