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If you are following the series on Twin Flames then you would know some of them by now. There are many signs of Twin Flames but the most prominent one is that in this journey the two individuals may start receiving flashbacks or déjà vu type of incidents that would propel them to remember a previous birth where they united or at least came closer.

Flashbacks to why they were together earlier would all be revealed or shown to them one by one. Twin Flames are a cosmic couple who most likely will share even their aura. Their aura despite their profession will be purple or golden and the two of them will work together for keeping the foundation of a just society.

It may be that one Twin Flame will be more prominent in their work than the other like Shri Krishna and Mother Rukmini, while on the other hand, we have Twin Flame participation on equal footing like Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.

In each case, their love will be super powerful and they will come together to maintain a balance between feminine and masculine energies and protection of all that is just, compassionate and good.

Twin Flames are therefore incredibly rare and are not that common as it would be difficult to hide such a powerful connection.

Twin Flame connections are one in a zillion for this reason but at the same time, despite this rarity hiding it is most difficult as a soul being joined, even when the bodies are different, is a huge moment for the times to come.

Twin Flame is thus a sacred bond that unites a soul, brings it clarity, and also wakes it up to the true purpose of why it is here. It is more than just the love of one person, unlike the perception that is floating around today. One should not consider it as easily available connection and if only in need of romantic love, one should request and pray for a soulmate which is entirely a different level of connection as Twin Flames are not everyone’s cup of tea in any case. Spiritual awareness around Twin Flames is missing as people tend to overdramatize failed dating as ‘Twin Flames’.

Hung up upon the ‘term’ Twin Flame, they tend to simplify the origin of Twin Flames to mean just an impossible and intoxicating love when its actual purpose is a spiritual union, spiritual awakening and awakening powers for the soul-bond which will also lead to the revival of Dharmic (Dharma is not religion as I have mentioned countless times) values.

It is therefore important to be first clear in mind on what Twin Flame is before setting out to curse Gods and Angels or Guides or the Universe for you selected a con artist believing that his glibness makes him ‘your Twin Flame.’

In Twin Flames the gravitational pull will bring even the most distant beings together. A Twin Flame can only be in a Husband-Wife type relationship. For example, in Hinduism, Supreme Soul is always depicted by Divine Feminine and Divine masculine side by side.

Depending on the energy the placement may vary; either they will be depicted up or down or sit equally. Like Lord Brahma (Creator Energy) and Goddess Saraswati (Energy of Knowledge) both sit at the same height on a lotus flower. Same with Lord Shiva (Destroyer of Evil that lurks Creation) and Goddess Parwati (Destroyer of Evil that lurks Creation) who sit together at the same height while Lord Vishnu (The Protector of the Creation and Dharma) sits in a restful mudra with his female counterpart Goddess Lakshmi either placed at his feet or tilting a little towards him. This seating of Goddess Lakshmi (Energy of Abundance, Money, and Manifestations), who also is considered Mahamaya or Chanchala, the one who can build illusions, which may end up corrupting a person due to placement of money, or wealth, in front of him, is what earned her this placement. The Goddess tests the strength of the person by bestowing on him opulence and grandeur and only strong-headed yogic energy like that of Lord Vishnu, that sits so close to her and yet does not get affected, can emerge as a victor in the entangled web of life filled with so much pleasure. In short, the depiction tells us that one should not allow luxury or opulence or wealth to get to your head and only a true Yogi is the true being whom the Goddess would grant these boons on.

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Now back to Twin Flames; It is, therefore, important to sort oneself before going for a Twin Flame union. One may wonder why Twin Flames are so difficult to hide? Because the Universe itself would seal their association with its own energy. No amount of fights or disagreements can ever break a connection that has been sealed by a force so powerful. If told you are on a Twin Flame journey, always confirm with your guides or Guru before letting your mind believe this as the mind is the greatest ‘pulling’ factor and a belief that the person in the relationship is a Twin Flame is likely to destroy one from within when witnessing that the date or the partner is behaving anything like one. My advice, seek love, for Twin Flames are one in a zillion and their love lives may not be anything like we are told they will be.

Are you looking for a Twin Flame of yours? Looking for signs?

Twin Flames: What Are They? Why Are They So Rare?

By Namta Gupta