Twin Flames: What Are They? Why Are They So Rare?

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First know, that Twin Flames are rarest of rare contracts in the soul family and therefore, one in a million in many-many years would have this bond. Twin Flames happen once in several years and often herald new yugas. Very rarely would Twin Flames unite in the material world for ‘nothing’ or ‘romance’ or ‘domesticity’. Twin Flames, therefore, do not unite easily and not everyone who is in love and enjoys compatibility is in a Twin Flame journey.

So what is a Twin Flame?

A soul often divides itself into two halves mostly in two dominant energies i.e. male and female. The male half takes a birth separately while a female half also takes birth. It would however take exceptional circumstances for both the male and the female energy parts to come together in a single birth. It is incredibly rare and often leads to a dangerous mission for these two halves to unite at the soul level before setting out on the journey.

Remember, that Twin Flame is an old concept; Lord Ram and his wife Goddess Sita and even Lord Shiva and his wife, Mother Sati were one of the prime examples Twin Flame unions. And in each case, their coming together led to exceptional circumstances that led to Dharma and righteousness being glorified and ratified for all living beings.

Same is the journey of Lord Shiva and Mother Goddess Parwati who took another birth (after her ending her avatar as Goddess Sati), did extreme Sadhana, to reunite with the Lord. Her discovery of her true self and her connection with Lord Shiva and their union thereafter is the stuff that has defined ‘Twin Flame’ for the Hindus long before the present-day fad ‘Twin Flame’ we know today.

There are so many misconceptions about this eternally powerful, spiritual, and holy connection that it is simply mind-boggling.

It is easy or rather simplistic to assume that Twin Flames are all about physical love or only about love but that’s not true. Truth is that Twin Flame connection is about loyalty and appreciation. A true Twin Flame would never abandon his/her other half, nor would it cheat for how can a soul cheat a part of itself? A Twin Flame is thus a rarity and not something that could be popping up at every corner of the street or pub or dating sites. Those in Twin Flame journey will have the following traits like Spiritual Awareness, Kundalini Jagran, societal knowledge-evolution, etc., compassion for sentient beings as well as for plants. A Twin Flame experience, therefore, is more spiritual than a physical one. And a Twin Flame union means just one thing; magic in motion, magic unfathomable to an average human mind which is now materializing in flesh and blood in the material world. A Twin Flame partner would always strive to keep his/her’s other half happy and safe for their goal is an emotional and spiritual journey in this lifetime.

The union of the two halves of a soul is a cherished event for the spirits and the Gods and they actively help the two halves without pause.

So how do you identify if you are in a Twin Flame journey?

Twin Flames are incredibly rare but the idea of Twin Flame is taking hold on so many people that it would be wrong to not give them a perspective. For a yearning for an impossible connection tomorrow, often lays waste the precious moments we can savor in the present.

Many people ask how you can identify if the person is your Twin Flame. On the onset, I would say that there is no sure short mechanical way to decipher this problem. But the spiritual realm does have some steps which we can try.

  • Think hard, deep and long, is it the concept of Twin Flame that excites you or is it a certain goal that makes you want to have a spiritual partner that you desire, as you recognize that you are on a humungous project and you want someone as precise and goal-oriented as you? Twin Flames often share the same belief system and work seamlessly.
  • Have your spiritual gurus or guides ever communicated to you that you are on a Twin Flame journey?
  • Ask yourself…why do you think you are on the Twin Flame journey when you do not have anything larger than your own existence or goal in mind?

These are not soft questions but rather hard ones and need an honest answer.

If you are unable to get answers for these, then know that you are not on any Twin Flame journey and it is thus advisable to drop the idea for it would lead one on a wild goose chase. Twin Flames are rarely ever about I, Me, Myself or My Lover or Just My Family; they are about upgrading spiritual consciousness of the world through actions and stances. An avant-garde painter or a world-famous musician may not be on a spiritual journey but a fisherman’s daughter ‘Parwati’ maybe Goddess Parwati herself awaiting her union with none than Lord Shiva to bear the burden of this world again. Point to note is that Twin Flames do not begrudge this additional workload; they do it willingly for their love is not restricted to themselves but available for all living beings and especially for justice and righteousness or Dharma.

People who desire a Twin Flame journey must remember that they are more than a body or one lifetime and work accordingly. Embrace Yoga, chant Mantras, go to Temples, ask the God-Guides to help you, and take steps towards a spiritual awakening path before asking for something as gigantic and complicated as a Twin Flame experience. For desiring and requesting for such a union is akin to telling the Universe that you are ready to shoulder some of Supreme Soul’s responsibility and weight. But like I said earlier, if it is merely a romantic partner you desire, then THAT IS NOT TWIN FLAME.

By Namta Gupta

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