Are you looking for a Twin Flame of yours? Looking for signs?

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There are several signs that one can study if one wants to know whether or not one is on a journey to find their Twin Flame. But most common signs are similar tastes, similar background or life experience in some way or the other, similar heartbreaks and similar challenges.

When one sees his/her Twin Flame for the first time, the beholder may even lose the sense of time and place. So vivid would be the first meeting that it may cloud both the souls with some of their past life experiences.

A Twin Flame experience is not for the weak-hearted for it may spark an intense and spontaneous Kundalini Jagran. All insecurities and deepest fears surface after meeting a Twin Flame, but soon the two will reconcile and would work seamlessly like two half of a magnet sealed together by soul-mission.

How To Know If Someone Is Your Twin Flame?

While there are no hard and fast rules, mediation, cleaning aura, and prayers are best to clear one’s mind.

If still, you do not get a satisfactory result, then focus on these three:

  • What is your soul mission?
  • What are your ideas to help justice prevail? Not just SJW on the internet but real and concrete steps.
  • Does the person you are interested in share the same belief system?
  • Love at First Sight (Not attraction but pure love that discounts how you look and what you wear etc.)

Now, these are indeed common signs but also rather vague. This can be just anyone, right? So what are sure shot signs of a Twin Flame?

Here I list some signs, some numbers, some synchronicities for you to make it easy:

  • The first sign is simple; A person on a Twin Flame journey may witness a lot of heartaches and starts seeing consecutive numbers like 1,2 and 2,3 on daily basis at the time of pondering over his/her soul-goals.
  • The second sign is that one may start seeing everything in two halves like Yin and Yang. This sign is the most potent and will be shown in the dreams to further strengthen the person’s mind that it must prepare for a Twin Flame experience.
  • You may see the person or at least some striking part of his face in dreams, after this, the spiritual masters or guides will work to bring the two halves of the soul together.
  • If required, the spiritual masters may connect the Heart Chakra of the two halves so that both understand and get entwined in the energies of each other. This entwinement will help push the two halves towards a union . Music plays an important part in this and one may randomly start hearing songs of love, motivation, and even longing without an external trigger. These songs represent what the other soul is thinking about at ‘that very moment.’
  • Signs like seeing Angel Numbers 222 and 555 repeatedly for the two halves.

But if you are not getting any of these signs but you are absolutely sure that you are in a Twin Flame journey then there is a simple test to know more about your particular case:

  • First, pour a glass of water. Ask the spiritual masters around you to come and take a sip from the glass. Now, ask them to reveal what they are helping you with. If they say love (you will hear this word in your head if your spiritual master is a high vibrational entity. Such potent powers always connect to the Sahasrara Chakra) then ask if they can tell whether it is a Twin Flame connection. If they answer in the affirmative, then you have your answer.
  • But let’s say you are still unsatisfied then sit down in meditation while placing satvik food/fruits around you (strictly vegetarian with no alcohol, garlic, or onion) and ask the spiritual masters to eat. If you are in meditation in a pin-drop silent stage, then you may hear some movement around the plate and they may take some ‘food’ (they won’t eat literally but would eat the emotion with which you laid the food so be careful and abandon hate or anxiety during this process). While the food is laid, ask them a question and ask them to answer in a sign of your choice. You may ask to see two parrots, two peacocks or two birds, or whatever you desire in a time span of your liking.

They have the power to confirm your doubts and would not cheat either as they operate from a place of love and care.

Why should you ask them to eat and drink at your place?

Because you want to formally externalize and also cement the bond that has so far remained only from one side and that side is not yours. Expressing gratitude will move mountains and these are just love-and-light beings we are dealing with, placed to guide us in a time when a physical and awakened Guru is harder to get.

The second method may sound weird and eerie but it will work well for people who are used to talking to their spiritual guide or masters or the assisting Devas or Angels.

By Namta Gupta

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