Words in dream meaning: What you read in dreams has a meaning!

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Saw certain words in dream?

Something like ‘Hello’ or ‘Wish’ in your dream state? And somehow, even though you are asleep, you are aware that this is a sign?

Well! Then it is 100 percent a sign for you to note.

Seeing words in dream is rare, but it often means that the dreamer’s soul has managed to join in or blend in with the energy of the Brahm or the Supreme Soul to some degree. However, here I would like to state that this holds true only for those who see lucid dreams.

So when you see a simple word like ‘hello’ written in blazing gold light, it generally means a greeting sent by your soul to the Almighty and that it has been acknowledged with a returning greeting.

Seeing words in dream means something powerful!

It also means that the power of speech is developing in a person to what we Hindus say is the ‘Vaak Siddhi.’ Vaak Siddhi means an ability to speak the truth in a given circumstance even when the world is unprepared to hear it. Vaak Siddhi is good for future telling as well as using speech to influence the future course of action and is a rare gift in the age of Kalyuga.

This, in short means, that your words would hold power now and thus you need to weigh them very carefully before uttering them or it would cause disasters.

Some may see ”Hello’ while many may see the word ‘Hi’ in a lucid dream state.

It is important that these lucid dreams come without external stimuli. They may appear at any random hour of the day and must be duly noted as they hold the key to the spiritual gifts you are amassing.

Hello, or Hi merely means you are ready to greet your love in your life. This love can be money, power, prestige, marriage, partnership, or other spiritual powers or the siddhis. It depends on what you are so in love with, at that moment in time. In a lucid dream, if you see a hello or a ‘hi’ appear then the chances are that you are on the verge of a major shift in your energy and may get muscle spasms as the energy shifts within the body to greet your desires manifesting in 3d.  Some may then get other dreams which would give them a brief idea of life ahead; like some may dream of Angel Number 444 or Angel Number 333 appearing in the dream state or may dream of a green snake entering your space. After the appearance of a hello, one may start getting some sort of goosebumps to show that you have powerful entities and admirers who are at your beck and call, ready to assist you in every way possible.  All of them are kind and beatific energies sent by the Supreme Soul to assist the person. Chances are that the person has seen a snake bite dream once and has also seen a camel dream also at some point in time. But if you still are in doubt, then a maun vrat is advised to understand the full message of the Universe.

Now, what is Maun Vrat?

Maun Vrat is shutting down the soul from all that is irrelevant in terms of words, visuals, thoughts, and actions.

Even an hour of maun vrat will do wonders in getting the real meaning of this dream.

How to do maun vrat:

  • Close your eyes, sit down, or rest in Shavasana yoga pose with palms behind your head. Merely lie down with arms beneath your head like a pillow and feet in resting position. YOU MUST REST!
  • Now start breathing in a relaxed state counting your breath s you exhale and inhale or you could simply stare at a fixed point on your ceiling.
  • Do a prayer either at the beginning of the maun vrat or when you are in the pose I mentioned above. Specifically, ask for clearance of all doubts and for guidance. And wait. You may close the eyes and you may start following in a semi-dream state and when you will get up, you would simply know what you need to know.

If you saw the word ‘Wish’ at any time, in a lucid state, then that means that soon major wishes of the person will fall in his/her lap one by one. How soon? Depending on how much good karma currency you have earned; it could be anything from a week to a month or even a year. But it is fast-moving energy so hold on tight.

However, please note that ‘wish’ is a rare word to see since it means you have full backing for your dreams. So hold on tight.

Did you see the word snake in your dreams? If you saw the word snake in golden light flashing in your dream state then do not worry! Just like a golden snake, this word too has a positive message only! At any point in time, this word means that you have full control over your fate and you can begin afresh. ‘Snake’ word in a dream often heralds major life changes but this is so rare that even the very powerful spiritual masters would never see this. To see this word is to see God himself/herself.

So seeing words in dream is a spectacular sign in short!

If you saw words in dream, then do comment below and ask me.

By Namta Gupta