Golden snake dream meaning: Spiritual gifts are heading your way!

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Ever seen a golden snake dream?

Before we move on, I have a question. Have you ever wondered what the energy of the Supreme Soul would look like if it were to enter our dreams?

The answer is that a golden glistening snake is a perfect sign of God’s energy having entered one’s life. It is also similar to seeing the face of Gods or Goddesses in our dreams as is part of the popular notion in society.

A golden snake is also the sign of kundalini becoming more pronounced in the physical make-up of a person and his life, thoughts, and actions. Spiritual gifts like astral flying and ability to see past and correct the wrongs that happened there are soon to land in the lap of people seeing a golden snake. A golden snake is very similar to the golden aura and may also mean ascension to a new spiritual level.

A lot of people are seeing a golden snake in dreams either in the form of an object, sculpture, or simply as a moving being.

Are you the person seeing a golden snake dream these days?

If seen in the form of a sculpture or an object then it shows that the person is still in the learning stages but if seen as an alive being frolicking in peace or staring at a person, or nodding at a person, then it means that the Supreme Soul is ready to take the person ahead on the path of his destiny and that the Supreme Soul will take a leap for every step the person takes on this path.

It is thus a phenomenal sign but it is likely that many people are receiving it now since there is a new spiritual generation rising within our folds and it is this generation and these people who would put an end to the charade that is ‘religion’ devoid of philosophy and the one based on the ‘herd’ system.

Spirituality and acceptance would soon become the ‘normal’ as would the importance of true ‘human rights’ which would have nothing to do with snatching rights or other sentient beings.

A golden serpent or a snake is the sign of the Supreme Consciousness rising.

The ancient Hindu idea of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ or ‘I am God or part of Godliness’ will become the new mantra as humans would learn to respect their souls more and learn to connect it with the Supreme Soul.

If you saw a golden snake dream, then it is also likely that you are on a crossroads; now you may have to choose between the mundane yet convenient and spiritual but enlightening.

The golden snake dream appears as the Supreme Soul wants you to choose keeping in mind the soul and not just the organic matter that is your body.

Higher consciousness and a superior understanding of things and matters is starting to flow in a person and a golden snake dream is the ultimate sign of this development.

Killing a golden snake in a dream is impossible since it is the ultimate force of the Universe. However, in the golden snake dream, a person may see the golden snake chasing, frolicking around, or staring at him/her.

You may see it in a lucid dream as well and may be able to hear or channel the golden snake’s guidance. You may also witness the golden snake blessing you or gifting you something. Trying to harm a golden snake is futile and rarely anyone would see it, except those too drunk on race, power, pride, or cruelty.

In a golden snake dream, a humble person would find himself the snake to be amiable and ready to shower its love. But a haughty person would find the golden snake bettering him in a combat or simply holding it an arm’s length but letting him still see it to help him/her and guide this person on the right path for example someone like Ravana.

Seeing a golden snake dream is a wonderful sign as it reflects stars aligning but please note that more than material, it is the sign of spiritual success. Wonderful spiritual gifts are coming if this dream is seen but still caution is advised while discussing this sign with spiritually underdeveloped people since, they may unknowingly try to topple a person from his/her newfound height by bickering, citing religious dogmas, or by merely being negative. Meditation, chanting Om Namah Shivay, watering plants tending to animals or other sentient beings, caring for the diseased or the disabled is advised.

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An advice for those who saw the golden snake dream is to ask the Supreme Soul to ‘empower your prayers.’ Ask that your prayers may become powerful enough to change the physical reality of a person or a being and trust me it will happen. You may also get the healing energy very soon and even the distance healing done by this person will work when a person starts bonding with the Supreme Soul.

Another advice for those who saw the golden snake dream is to work on the top three Chakras to channel more messages from the Supreme Soul:

  1. Vishuddha Chakra/Throat Chakra
  2. Agya Chakra/Third Eye Chakra
  3. Sahasrara Chakra/Crown Chakra

By Namta Gupta

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