Angel Number 444: What it means and why it appears?

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By Namta Gupta

Angel Number 444 is a sign of love but this love is different as it heralds changes in one’s material life. The person seeing 444 may strike gold soon and end up with lots of money soon. Angel Number 444 is spirituality in money hence, after registering profit/earnings, such money must be distributed among the spiritual tribe by about 2/3rd.

This money can be spent on any causes that are dear to that person but spending should not involve gambling, drugs, animal cruelty, criminal activities, alcohol, etc. This is done to prove one’s worth in the eyes of the Universe and the Universe would continue to reward this person and the money will return multiple-folds later along with positive and lasting fame. Angel Number 444 is the sign of a spiritual go-getter whose soul desired this experience and is desiring assistance from God. Such a person would find that God and his power of creation of wealth are available to him but it is important that this must be provided to those who lack resources.

Angel Number 444 sets spiritual boundaries in our material lives and helps people understand the Dharmic use and power of money. Money is an energy, just like any other, if used with righteousness and justice in heart, it will help create a better society and a better world.

Seeing Angel Number 444 anywhere is a moment to both rejoice and be grateful for the opportunity to serve the creatures of God is either being presented to the person or is about to be presented.

If you saw 444, then remember that it is a moment of thankfulness as well as steadying and cleansing our mind so as to not allow it to run wild with money and indulge in harmful and adharmic pursuits but to use it for cleaner and wholesome life for not just yourself but others as well. Angel Number 444 sometimes comes in dreams, but that happens like 1 in 10,000. In dreams, this number is often sent to catch the person’s subconscious’ attention as the mind cannot interfere there and pollute or improvise on the message with misgivings (not its fault considering it deals with the harsh world every waking moment).

Those seeing Angel Number 444 are lucky, they just need to believe it too.

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