Snake bite dream meaning: Rising spirituality, healing for the ill is coming!

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Snake bite dream is a common dream and many people see it and wonder about it.

Many people perceive snakes as dangerous or dirty due to religious reasons. Add to it the popular culture as heralded by the likes of Disney.

Disney’s portrayal of Kaa (who in the original Jungle Book offered advice and protection to Mowgli) as a reptile out to harm a little child and we know how popular it is to be disgusted by a snake. Snake bite dream thus often leads to anxiety and often many feel that it is a rather bad omen.

However, Snake bite dream in general means rising spirituality, sexual tension (on a very low degree and for very specific people suffering from an imbalanced Swadhishthana Chakra or the Sacral Chakra), inflicted by poverty or disease.

If in the snake bite dream, the bite lands on the diseased areas like the feet, hands or eyes, or any other organ then it means that the Supreme Soul is well aware of the lack of medical help for the person and hence, the healing of the areas affected by the diseases are beginning with the bite.

Remember that the venom is not only used to kill but in certain ways can help us treat incurable disease as well. But coming to the snake bite dream, seeing it means that the healing that is starting is a gift from the Supreme Soul for despite the problems, the person has stayed a compassionate being not allowing negativity to rule his soul. Please note that any help from the divine needs active aid from the person’s soul. It is impossible to receive help without a soul’s active approval because it is the ‘only’ real entity for the Supreme Soul and the rest is just the organic matter.

Seeing a snake kill a person means major transformations, job change or loss or change in profession or stream of education can be foreseen.

But a person killing a snake is positive only when the snake is trying to ruin a happy person’s positivity or his well-achieved soul goals, in that case, it could mean that there is a danger of psychic attacks or negative energies are trying to disrupt a person from his chosen path. Killing such a snake shows fortitude in the face of danger but a snake acting like this is rare.

Snake bite dream or not, dreams are a precious source of information and must be studied!

Dreams are great signs from our benefactor spirits. It is these spirits who try to warn us or try to help us in any way possible.  They use symbols and signs more than words since after ascending to a higher level usage of human words becomes redundant to them. They start using the signs and symbols since these are likely to remain more and less the same till the very end while human languages die. Let’s say that it is these signs and symbols which are their language.

Very rarely will they try to use Hindi or English as the power of ‘human’ language holds no importance in their world, they understand the language that others like them also understand. For example, your Devas or Angels may show you an image of Satiya. Any Hindu can vouch that this means that supreme abundance is set to follow your life. That every good deed is now set to bring you karmic rewards and that prosperity, love, and light will flow in the life of the dreamer. Now, no Hindu needs words to understand what a Satiya stands for; civilizational links mean that the information is ingrained in our souls and we just know.

Similar is the case with the Spirits, and also your own soul. Your soul may have traveled in many life cycles hence, your guides will always and only send you the signs that they know you will either understand or find the right person to explain to you.  Hence, snake bite dreams should not bother you nor should the snake dreams.

But if still in doubt, you may learn from the spiritual language from the learned masters or the channelers or those who understand dreams.

It may help you become the mortal bridge between the Supreme Soul and the other souls who are still in the dark.

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Snakes are potent symbols of the spirit world and any respect shown to this sentient being will open the doors of the Siddhis or the spiritual powers as they are the keepers of ancient wisdom. Snakes are also the mediators between the mortals and the Gods and have powers of their own.

It takes absolutely nothing to hate snakes but it takes far superior wisdom to see what it actually is beyond the skin, the venom, and the fangs; a sentient being who likes to keep to himself and has the sensory powers far ahead of that of humans.

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By Namta Gupta