How to check the force behind the Ghost drops or Phantom drops?

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Experiencing Ghost drops or Phantom drops? Wondering how to know the energy or force behind the occurrence?

Here we begin:

First, ask whether there is someone who desires to speak to you. Devas or Angels or Spirit Guides use mostly codes, dreams, signs, and Angel numbers to speak since they are connected to Higher Self or the Subconscious.  And the Higher Self also does not need human language to express their message.

But the lower-level spirits usually are connected to the 3D or our mortal world and make use of the power of human speech since they lack spiritual powers and maturity. In any case, these spirits like to draw attention towards them. Assisting Devas, Angels, or the Spirit Guides would probably never appear in front of a person since they are too strong a force of light and love which may be too heavy for the normal human sight.

So despite their special bonding with the person they are nurturing, the Guides would still need a full kundalini jagran or kundalini awakening of a person so that they may appear in front of him/her.

Now we know what Ghost drops or Phantom drops are.

We will study some scenarios to find out the force behind the Ghost drops or the Phantom drops:

  1. Do you witness cruel and mysterious deaths of animals in the place of Ghost drops or the Phantom drops? Have you seen spiders fleeing from the house or the lizards have all suddenly vanished? Is your dog or cat incessantly cowering in fear or trying to attack an unseen entity? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then it is not a benign spirit. Animals can sense such forces better than us, so take heed.
  2. Here I will give you an everyday scenario; You leave your house with keys on the table every day and yet you come back to find keys missing. You then search for the keys only to find it in a corner that you usually do not frequent and you wonder how it got there. You know who wants to draw your attention to their presence now.
  3. Here is another scenario, you go out after laying a table of fresh fruits and freshly cooked meal and when you return, a putrid smell hits your nostril as soon as you unlock the door. Certainly, it is not a benign spirit nor it is a Deva or Angel. So be wary.
  4. Lastly, after the appearance of the Ghost drops or the Phantom drops, you start finding portraits of your loved ones often slipping and falling away even when there is no external stimulus. It is a sign of pure hatred when any sign or ‘family’ or ‘ownership’ is removed, so be careful.

If the spirit is not benign, then leave the place as soon as you discover this, especially, if the Ghost drops or the Phantom drops stop being mere sensation and start manifesting in your reality.

Please request full spiritual protection from your Devas during this time. Durga Chalisa works wonders in this, as it allows the most potent negative energy slayer to enter your life with your permission. Ask for help and ask for cleansing of the house or space wherever the Ghost drops or the Phantom drops keep appearing.

If you are still in the house, then sage the place or do havans on a daily basis. If you do not know, then you can ask a Hindu Priest to do it for you. The havans can be done from afar as well.

The potent energy created through these acts scares these non-benign creatures. Tending to cows in the vicinity of Phantom drops or Ghost drops is always a great way to keep the non-benign spirit at bay.

Why Cow?

The cow is a sentient being that possesses more power to defeat and drive away these creatures since it has reared another specie, the homo-sapiens, through her milk. Every bit of her life benefits another specie.

This is a blessed being who helps human mothers also who are unable to feed their young ones. This motherly service for not just their own, but for another specie has given them stronger spiritual protection. The cow is also a living being that nearly has the same variety of auras just like humans. This may seem too good to be true but try this.

Also, note that all this takes time since a spirit, technically, is a fluid mass of energy that is unseen but then we too are a source of energy as our good karma releases positive energy and this eventually solidifies our defences against spiritual and physical attacks.

In the above case, you must ensure to seek help from Devas, Spirit Guides, and Angels or you can ask local Pandits to assist you.  

But, if above is not the case, which I absolutely hope is not, then this sensation of Phantom drops or Ghost drops are likely due to assisting Devas, Angels or Spirit Guides. Please ask them to reveal their identity and appear in front of you, when both you and they are ready. Seek their protection physically and spiritually and try to develop an ‘expressive’ relationship with them when you are certain.

Offering food to God in the form of Lord Ganesha is a good way to achieve this since He has been defined as the Lord of all Gans or all spiritual forces. Or else, you may offer satvik food (no alcohol, meats, eggs, onions, or garlic) to them before you eat.

If not food, then you can offer them rakhis or make them little ornaments or clothes if you desire.

Providing aid to animals, fishes, birds or bees or even plants will also help in earning good karma currency as well as establish a stronger spiritual bond with forces of nature.

But what if the spirit is lower level and also benign?

If this is the case, then ask the spirit to not disturb you and tell her to move to a corner or leave the house and not interfere in your life cycle. This should stop the frequent sensation of Ghost drops or Phantom drops. Benign spirits are bound to heed your command since they are not supposed to reveal their presence. These benign spirits do not move on due to attachments but they are still tame and understand the rules set by the Supreme Soul so, they will do as you say. There is no need to give any gifts or foods to even this benign spirit even if they happen to be from your own family without asking from Angels or Devas.

The Devas or the Angels may send you dreams giving directions on what you need to do. Please never ever make any alliances with lower vibrational creatures; leave the alliances to your Devas and Guides. Even a simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ can be extremely harmful, so be prudent.

In the end, I would like to state, that Ghost drops or Phantom drops must be taken seriously but the help is around also. All you have to do is ask.

Have you been experiencing Ghost Drops or Phantom Drops?

By Namta Gupta