Cobra dream meaning: Sign of Success, Protection, Care and Material Growth

Swachh Bharat Ambassador,Swacchotsav,Sunidhi Jangid , Rajasthan, Kekdi Nagar Parishad

Saw a cobra in a dream? Wondering what it means? A cobra dream is actually good provided you are absolutely sure that you saw a cobra. So first ask, what sort of snake did I see and let your subconscious answer. Once sure, read on!

Cobra is like the king of serpents on earth. He is the harbinger of good news if seen by a person on way to an important meeting.

If you are feeling trapped or vulnerable and then you see a cobra dream, then it means that a superior force or energy is protecting and guiding you. This force is exactly what your soul knows of and has craved for, but your waking mind may have trouble believing it due to societal mores.

King cobra is the ‘King’ i.e. he is decisive but like any other snake, it is still a quiet being, happy in his own ways, until and unless someone tries to disturb his quiet existence.

Cobra is also excellent as a spirit guide and if you are wondering about the animal guides helping you and you happen to see a cobra in a dream, then you have your answer.

Cobras and deadly and venomous but most importantly they will fight to the death if the need arises. It is this quality that your guides may also possess meaning that if the push comes to shove or if you are in trouble then they will fight it out till the end. In short, they will provide every bit of protection they are capable of providing spiritually. Cobra dream is the sign of success, protection, care, and material growth also until and unless you see it being stabbed, killed, burned either by you or your loved ones or by random unknown people. Seeing the murder of a cobra in a dream is also a sign that you must take positive steps towards your goals but also not tom-tom about them since it is bound to attract people who would like to harm you and your work. Go like a cobra and win like a cobra; achieve your goal but quietly.

Seeing two cobras in a dream staring at you is the sign of extra spiritual protection from the world that the rational mind may have trouble accepting while seeing a female cobra laying eggs is the sign that your spiritual powers are soon to hatch and life has been breathed into the powers already by the spiritual forces.

Seeing a cobra dream where the hood of the reptile is up and the dreamer still has the awareness that this is a Guide, then know that soon you would have important messages delivered to you from the sacred beings.

A cobra with the hood up may also deliver important hints with regards to your Law of Attraction or Manifestations. Those who saw this dream must know that this is the sign of wisdom, glory, love, and a sacred connection that is opening up for the dreamer. A cobra hood-up dream is also the sign of self-awareness, and even the power of making right prophesies which are heading the dreamer’s way. All in all this, in particular, is a great dream if the cobra doesn’t strike or act but rather stares majestically and peacefully at the dreamer.

An important point is your own feelings; were you nervous, angry, curious, sad, or happy in a cobra dream. Negative emotions in a cobra dream mean that whatever the Supreme Soul desires for you, you are subconsciously blocking it.

A piece of advice for those who saw a cobra dream; always journal your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and let it all flow. Keep it all open and let your guides read it, so you may receive the necessary help and help you will receive. That is certain.

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By Namta Gupta