Answering the most important questions about Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction is simple; it is technically using one’s own energy to attract specific blessings like money, soulmate, or fame, etc.

Most people see God or the Supreme Soul as an outsider hence, for Law of Attraction also, they first try to synthetically develop a relationship that is devoid of true feelings and that is why their manifestations never work.

The Supreme Soul has already given us energy centers in the form of Chakras which we must use to attract what we truly desire.  But for that true love between the person’s soul and the Supreme Soul must blossom first.

Years of telling ourselves that there is no higher power but rather a despotic one intent on killing those who He feels do not ‘obey’ him or hisreligion’ has broken down our natural belief system that our ancestors once enjoyed guilt-free.

Anyways, we are talking about the chakras and the kundalini here; we need to use this power to attract what our soul and heart desire. So the primary seed of the Law of Attraction is stationed ‘within’.

Law of Attraction has been accused of many things including ‘cheating’ the Universe by living a fake life.

In the process of attracting what we desire we are told to constantly be in the state of already having what we desire.

For example. to attract love, we must stay in the energy of love, etc. any breakdowns are frowned upon and we are told that this would harm our manifestation.

But being fake would only get us fake love.

To actually make the Law of Attraction work, we need to be true to ourselves and acknowledge that we are grateful for what we already have.

Even in the darkest hour, we always have something good to acknowledge and it is this true-felt gratitude that energizes our Chakras and allows the energy to attract our blessings.

It is not cheating when our first step begins with truth and let us not forget that Chakra energy was provided to each of us by the Supreme Soul. How is using our own energy to attract our blessings cheating?

But if we are using our own energy then why is the manifestation slow?

Because the energy needs time to shine bright just like seeds take time to grow into a sapling and then into a plant.  To ensure that the alignment with the pure and divine Source energy we need to prune and water regularly with self-assessment, Mantra Chanting, and Surya Namaskar, aura cleansing, and living a cruelty-free food.

At this stage our soul is hungry, and we need to feed it the food it desires the most; compassion which we exercise towards other sentient beings, understanding, and discipline. Compassion purges the impurities that have stopped us in believing in the good and the just and allows our soul to be guilt-free and thus seek our heart’s deepest desires. Discipline makes us steady in our heart and head that is needed to keep the blessings from slipping away and understanding is a must to know why we did not have them in the first place and why now, we have manifested what we did.

If Karma currency is sufficient, Chakras clean and healthy, soul guilt-free and confident, then manifestations happen quickly when it comes to material needs.

But when seeking spiritual powers like healing, clairvoyance, love, or knowledge of Vedas, then it may take several life cycles before it is granted since these need a very pure soul ala like Angel Number 000.

Why have I not got a ‘specific’ love interest

Law of Attraction is noble energy and not like mind control or hypnotism. The ‘specific person’ will only respond if his/her will is as willing to join the manifestor.

Does the love interest’s soul also desire a bond with your soul? Are your energies at the same level? Will the connection help both the people grow? If the answer is maybe or no, then, chances are that the connection may not materialize. Supreme Soul plays cupid only when both the parties are on the same level emotionally and mentally and have something to learn from each other. If not, then one person’s will won’t override another person’s free will.

Instead, of asking for a specific person, ask the Supreme Soul to bring you the love that would be beneficial for both the people. Ask for the person who would stay with you for the better or for the worse and accept whoever gets picked in the process. Law of Attraction is not a non-divine force that would attract unwilling souls; it is a process in which the soul undergoes massive churning and growth, after which soulmate connections, money, manifestations, and other things materialize.

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Is the Law of Attraction able to nullify bad karma?

Bad karma is always harmful to manifestations. Bad karma never gets nullified if done out of spite or habit, but yes, new beginnings are definitely given to individuals practicing the Law of Attraction. To know more check out Angel Number 101010.

Please note, that the Law of Attraction is not a dark force granting wishes overlooking crimes against nature or sentient beings. Cleaning Karma and gaining positive karma currency is a great way to begin the Law of Attraction journey.

Law of Attraction is for souls who believe unflinchingly in the power of goodness and do not discriminate. These souls are not blind to injustice and have a keen sense of justice against all others. They are able to see through the propaganda and the macabre of everyday life and can stand up for Dharma or righteousness.

In short, the Law of Attraction thrives on spirituality and oneness.

Can you be fair and fight your own deepest prejudices or those of your family and society?

What would you choose in a difficult situation? To be balanced or to be fair?

If you are fair in the most inconvenient of situations, and if you can be kind to the meek and vulnerable despite being total strangers, then the Law of Attraction will work really well.

But if not then, practice, practice, and practice. Patience is a virtue that one needs for the Law of Attraction.

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Dominance over our own unjust attitudes and self-mastery are needed for successful manifestation.

Ask yourself:

Can you help?

Can you forgive?

Can you fight for justice?

Do you have the courage to return what you stole?

Can you be kind to non-human sentient beings even when the entire world seems unkind?

Ask these questions, and you will know how soon will you get your desired results.

Namta Gupta