Law of Attraction: How to attract miracles in 10 days?

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Law of Attraction seems to be the buzzword these days but since we know little about how to make it work, we end up attracting nothing which is sad.

Have you been trying to attract a phone call? A job? A dating opportunity?

Law of Attraction can actually work wonders in a short span of time as well provided the goals are smaller and the energy of the person is high.

Only when the goals are gigantic does the Law of Attraction takes more time. For example, calling on a soulmate who you have never seen or met but have a brief idea of what qualities she/he would possess, etc.. or when calling in for a million dollars without doing any projects or work that could potentially help in earning.

Yes, the Law of Attraction does get you windfall gains but they are usually granted only when the energy of the person is already clean and energetic otherwise, it takes time till he/she has brought his energy at the desirable level and has energized the chakras through yoga (Surya Namaskar with Mantras is an exceptional way to do this) and meditation.

Now, let’s talk money; small amounts of money like USD 10 or 15 can be earned in a week’s time through the Law of Attraction.

So what are the basic steps for ensuring this?

First, clean your aura. Aura cleansing is an essential step that we miss out on but without our energy being cleaned of anxiety, of anger, and of frustration, our soul cannot truly align with the energy of the Supreme Soul. And without this alignment, nothing is possible. Learn more about Aura cleaning here.

Then for the next 7 days, take a proper aromatic bath from head to toe and enjoy the cleansing process. Feel happy during this bathing session freeing yourself from all that is routine, and filled with anger.

After done, stand in front of a mirror and ask for just 1 of your wishes for the next 7 days. If you are in a phase of hopelessness or anxiety, it will be tough, remember we are all humans. We may fall, but we must charge on till the very end. And we are capable of this.

Please also note that aromatic does not mean expensive salts or fragrances, simple rose or any flower petals kept overnight in slightly warm water is also good enough.

Now, first, stare at your eyes, and see your own self looking intently at you. The gaze should stay steady with little blinking. Your mind, as well as your eyes, need to be ‘there’ concentrating only at this point.  So what should you ask when in front of the mirror?

“I have USD 15 in my purse.”

“I earned USD 15 today.”

“This is a spectacular week as I make money every day.”

Keep your hands in Hindu prayer pose or Namaste pose, and open the fingers as if catching a ball, during this exercise. Feel something fall in your hands and then close your open palms and say:

“Received. Thank you for the gift.”

Do this till 7 to 10 days and expect the unexpected. You may end up earning this money or even gain a discount. But do start small, if doing for the first time, and keep your vibration high.

For manifesting a phone call from a dear friend or a job, stand in front of the mirror, and imagine your phone ringing, and start talking like you are talking to an actual person while looking at your reflection. This should not take much time if you have put the wheel into motion with your intentions or acts earlier; like applying for a job and then expecting a phone call.

So how does this work?

Our thoughts, our intentions are also energies connected with the energies around us. Our thoughts affect the color of our aura and imagine aura turning brown, and then we demand something!

Forget will it be granted, and ask should it even be granted?

For anything to manifest, hopelessness must be replaced with hopefulness and gratitude for what we already have. For anything to come into our reality, we need to allow vibrations and energies of 5D to enter 3D. Yes, the Law of Attraction may be slow for some people in the beginning, but it may due to karmic imbalance or daily wastage of energy on the mundane and unnecessary. Therefore, keeping the mind in control through yoga, meditation, mantra chanting, and kirtans are prescribed if the person wants to use the Law Of Attraction in the long run.

By Namta Gupta