Did you dream of a cow attack? Wondering what it means?

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By Namta Gupta

Saw a cow attack you in your dream?

Cows are special. They share a maternal bond with the human species and particularly among the Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains they hold a special place. So much so that the Buddhist Monks have led battles to save their lives often at a great cost to their own. Even curses are said to be more effective when the person casting them is a non-beef eater.

But that is religion, but then is religion so far from culture or spiritual ethos that one would like to assume? 

Cows, especially in Asian societies, are considered a blessing from the Universe. On their bodies, the foundation of agriculture as well as vegetarianism was laid that essentially led to evolution of a more spiritual relationship with the animal kingdom.

So now comes the question, of cow attack that one sees in dreams? Is it something to be worried about?

If the cow in your dream is white and does not have too sharp horns then it is likely a sign of Divine spirit trying to awake you. If she pushes you in the dream or tries to corner you, then it is a warning that you soon will find yourself trapped in a situation but at the same time, to remember that the Universe is backing you.

If the cow in the dream is trying to push you and you see yourself go in the same direction, then it is likely that the dream is trying to tell you to not resist and go with the flow in your daily life.

If you feel unaligned or losing your faith or patience in daily life and you see this dream, then you must remember that this push and pull, however aggravating, will benefit you in the end.

If in the end, you are able to somehow calm the cow down, then it shows victory that will soon be yours in a certain pressing situation. Cow in a dream is always auspicious as she is the symbol of Mother Goddess or Divine Feminine Force.

If you see yourself kill the cow or put an axe on her neck, then it shows you lack the fortitude needed to take you closer to God or to win in a certain situation of your life. If you, however, embrace the push, and the chase you see and see yourself beat the cow in a race, then it reveals that your masculine side is dominant and you soon will have the help you need to overcome the problems in your waking life.

Bull attack dream meaning: Giving direction to your soul!

Cow attack is not always bad. Sometimes, what we perceive as a cow attack is merely chasing or pushing. Therefore, it is important to note your feelings while trying to interpret such dreams.

It is always good if you see a cow grazing in a dream or simply spending time with you in peace. It also shows the happiness that your soul is feeling in your waking life.

Cow dream: Sign of happiness, windfalls, and also warnings

If she is chasing you and you are enjoying this, then it shows that you are brave and even the Cosmos see you as brave. So next time, you see a cow attack, note down your feelings, thoughts, and emotions you felt at that time!


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