Bull attack dream meaning: Giving direction to your soul!

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Bull attack dream is very rare unlike the cow attack one, especially without an external visual trigger. Hence, please always ask yourself whether you indeed saw a bull attack dream.

The bull attack dream is mostly about the ‘placement’ of self.

Bull or bulls appear in dreams as the mark of power; the power that lies both within and outside the dreamer due to their Devas or Angels or Spirit Guides.

A bull attack dream rarely means seeing blood or gore, provided the dreamer’s mind is not replaying external imagery. A bull attack dream is always about ‘cornering’ or chasing a person in either a specific place or in a specific direction. In the cornering, a person is driven into a place by a bull which means that the masculine energy is driving the person as desires and dreams start taking shape in 3D.

A bull being murdered by the dreamer by stabbing is the sign of valor and strength inside a person being killed by his own actions in the waking life.

Abuse or torture of a bull in the dream state is the sign of a diseased state of mind that likes to subjugate spirituality both inside and outside.

A dead bull or the carcasses of bulls mean all manifestation powers has drained out of a person leaving him forlorn and empty.

But if in the dream, the dreamer sees himself/herself tending to bull or bulls then it means that he/she is taking good care of the desires and feeding it with positive efforts. Such a dream would come only if the dreamer in his/her waking life is seeking a sign from his Devas about his manifestation produce.

Seeing bulls run in a dream means complete freedom from health and monetary challenges while a weak bull or bulls mean all hopes being snuffed.

A male calf in a healthy shape is super lucky to see in a dream as it is reflective of budding stature in the family and friend circle. Two bulls playing or chasing each other mean that the soul is happy with everything that is happening in the waking life.

Did you dream of a cow attack? Wondering what it means?

By Namta Gupta