India rejoices after registering increase in the population of the Asiatic Lion

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New Delhi, June 11, 2020: The majestic Asiatic Lions have made a roaring comeback in Gujarat’s Gir forest.

The population of the Asiatic Lion, living in Gujarat’s Gir Forest, has shot up by almost 29% and geographically speaking, the distribution area is up by 36%.

Lion population in Gujarat has been steadily rising due to community participation, emphasis on technology, wildlife healthcare, proper habitat management and steps to minimise human-lion conflict.

However, the 15th Asiatic Lion Population Estimation that was scheduled during 05-06 June, 2020,has not been conducted as planned due to Coronavirus spread.

Population structure of Asiatic Lions in the Asiatic Lion Landscape (June 2020):

Adult Male Lion: 161
Adult Female Lione: 260

Sub adult Male Lion: 45

Sub adult Female Lion: 49

Cubs: 137

Unidentified: 22

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