Hinduphobic comments of Evangelist leads Hindu group to file complaint against him and his Church

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By Namta Gupta

New Delhi, June 11, 2020: Simeon Bradley Chetty has seriously achieved notoriety with his claims against Hindus of South Africa. The Evangelist is from Chatsworth, South Africa and from his statement, is a convert from Hinduism.

In a viral WhatsApp video, the Evangelist can be seen making below the belt remarks on the Hindus and Hinduism. He said that his father was a Telugu and mom a Tamil. He then said that ‘they’ worship idols and they worship ‘other Gods.’

He then went on to drag Muslims also in the mix. Shouting in the mic, Chetty goes on and asks why would a Muslim man worship Jesus?

Why would every religion give up for Jesus? He shouted as the crowd stays rooted in the Evangelist demeaning statements on other faiths.

But Hindu group ‘South African Hindu Maha Sabha’ had it with his Hinduphobia and on June 9th, 2020, the group strongly condemned what it called the ‘unwarranted and vicious attack on Hinduism by Simeon Bradley Chetty.’

It also said that the group is lodging a formal complaint against both ‘Mr. Chetty and the Church he represents’, and have taken the necessary steps to remove the video from Facebook. Facebook has obliged and the said video that the Evangelist posted on his Facebook wall has since been removed.

Since the Evangelist has tendered an apology after an uproar from Hindus, the South African Hindu Maha Sabha noted the retraction and the unconditional apology made by him but cautioned others that Hindus will not tolerate this kind of behavior from anyone.

South African Hindus have been battling Hinduphobic remarks for a long time. Even Diwali celebrations are targeted by bigots who complain of noise pollution on the Hindu festival while bursting crackers on New Year and Guy Fawkes.

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Last year, the Human Rights Commission had to step in, after racist slurs were made not just on Hindu South Africans but also on the Indian diplomats present on the site.

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