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India throws open Science & Technology (S&T) Institutions for friendly neighbours

The Scientific Ministries and Departments of the Government of India have active international collaboration in science and technology both at the bilateral and regional level. Today India is engaged in active R&D cooperation with more than 44 countries across the globe including advanced, emerging and developing nations. As a part of India’s foreign policy initiatives […]

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NMCG approves eight projects worth over Rs 700 Crore

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) has approved eight projects worth Rs. 700 crore, out of which four pertain to sewage management in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal, three are related to treatment of drains through bio-remediation and one of inventorization and surveillance of river Ganga. On sewage management front, a project for pollution […]

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प्रवीण तोगड़िया: गोधरा के हिन्दुओं के सामूहिक हत्यारों को फाँसी क्यों नहीं?

विश्व हिंदू परिषद के नेता प्रवीण तोगड़िया ने आज पूछा की गुजरात के गोधरा के हिन्दुओं के जिहादी सामूहिक हत्यारों को फाँसी क्यों नहीं? यह हिन्दुओं के सामूहिक हत्याकांड के कारण हुए बलिदान का अपमान है| उन्होने ये प्रतिक्रिया आज गुजरात हाई कोर्ट के गोधरा कांड में साबरमती एक्सप्रेस के डिब्बे जलाने वाले मामले पर अपना […]

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No country has given Hinduism “official” or “preferred” religion status

Although over 80 countries have either an “official religion” or “preferred religion”, but Hinduism is not an official or preferred religion in any country of the world, according to a Pew Research Center report published on October three. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism is the “official state religion” in 27, 13 and two countries; and “preferred/favored religion” […]

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Taslima Nasreen speaks up on Rohingyas

Taslima Nasreen is accusing the Myanmar government of whitewashing its ‘doings’ vis-a-vis the Rohingyas. She attacked Myanmar by saying that foreigners were sent to the Hindu village to show how Muslims killed Hindus but the government, is not showing the mass graves of Muslims which were killed by the Myanmar Army. Here is her tweet: […]

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जन्‍म लेने वाले बच्‍चों की संख्‍या में गिरावट, नवजात शिशुओं की मृत्‍यु दर में भी भारी कमी

भारत में शिशु मृत्‍यु दर (आईएमआर) में उल्‍लेखनीय कमी दर्ज की गई है। हाल ही में जारी एसआरएस बुलेटिन के मुताबिक, वर्ष 2016 में भारत के शिशु मृत्‍यु दर में तीन अंकों (8 प्रतिशत) की गिरावट दर्ज की गई है। वर्ष 2015 में जन्‍मे 1000 बच्‍चों में से 37 बच्‍चों की मृत्‍यु हो गई थी। […]