Cow dream: Sign of happiness, windfalls, and also warnings

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Cow dream is the sign of supreme bliss a person is feeling in his/her natural environment or family life if the cow sits in peace gazing intently at the landscape.

In the cow dream, if a group of cows frolicking or running around or grooming each other then it is the sign of pure pleasure that the dreamer would soon experience.

But killing a cow or stabbing her is the sign of complete destruction of a person’s good karma.

Seeing cows or bulls in a happy and peaceful state means that the person is a good one at heart and is really enjoying himself in his daily life, a rare feat in today’s world.

If a cow or cows are tending to a calf or calves, then it is the sign of material wealth while a mourning cow standing or sitting beside dead calf points to past karma or deeds coming to harm the dreamer. This could also mean death or destruction of the dreamer.

If in the cow dream, only the cow head is seen, but there is no sign of murder, then it is the mark of superior intelligence, compassion, and wisdom that the dreamer possesses. Whereas if the dreamer beheads a cow then that means a lack of basic moral values and this person may even be having a brown aura.

If the cow in the dream is tending to the dreamer, then know that complete surrender to the Supreme Soul is desirable as the power wants to aid you.

If in the dream, the cow’s udders give milk without external stimulation then windfalls or unexpected abundance will come. There may be so many blessings of material wealth that one may feel giddy and overwhelmed.

If a bull and a cow are together seen strolling at a landscape, then it means that both the masculine and feminine energy centers are strong in the dreamer person.

If in the cow dream, the sentient being is seen with a blue halo or the dreamer sees a blue aura, then he/she may land a major opportunity to speak their truth or showcasing talent.

If in the cow dream, the cow is lying upside down, legs in air, belly exposed, then it represents untold events and could also mean a blessing in terms of manifestation of one sacred wish, all out of the blue. However, it could also have negative connotations if the dreamer is in a legal battle. However, even with all these twists, the victory would rest with the person on the right side of the justice.

If in the cow dream, a cow, or even a bull or a calf is seen inside a person’s home or crossing into his/her place then it is time to welcome the powerful spirit guides and Devas who would soon provide the dreamer with everyday assistance.

If the cow is seen in a frail state or is in pain, then it is a sign of bad luck in money and relationships.

If in the cow dream, if she has a bowl or utensil beside her as if seeking food, then remember to put some water and food for animals, since it is a message that your good karma currency is declining and this is scaring your Angels and Spirit Guides.

If in the dream, a cow and an ant are seen together with the latter seemingly in more control, then the dreamer’s mind has taken over his/her consciousness and one may need to go for walks in nature or volunteer for trees, plants, and animals to regain positivity and bring peace to the soul.

Cow dreams are nearly always good except when she is harmed or neglected or killed.

Cows represent fertility, good karma, morals, and the helping nature of the dreamer as well as of his/her spirit guides. Also, it is important to note down the dreamer’s feelings while trying to make sense of the dream.

Did you dream of a cow attack? Wondering what it means?