Ant dream meaning: You may get a glimpse of your future!

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Ant dream is a unique one since the dreamer may be able to get a glimpse of his future through it.

If an ant or ants are seen crawling on the bark of a tree in the dream then it means a social gathering or invites to attend them would soon come.

If an ant climbs another ant, then chances are a soulmate with identical vision is soon coming. If two ants are crawling at a super-fast speed, then chances are that the dreamer would soon set off on a journey with a like-minded partner.

If an ant is seen eating a piece of sugar or sugar crystals, then chances are that a major money-making opportunity is soon coming.

A chance at attaining a much sought-after job may manifest in 3D if an ant is seen trying to climb a difficult and rough terrain and is ultimately able to reach the top.

If an ant is seen entering the dreamer’s private space or home, then a guest may soon be at the doorsteps with some news.

An ant seen on a glass-type surface or glass is reflective of the power of perception while an ant that is complete immobile in an ant dream means a dead end or an opportunity either already lost or would slip away from the hands of the dreamer.

If ants are seen swarming on a box full of gold then the power of the mind would soon make the dreamer win a major contract; a bit of caution is advised here, focus on the end goal instead of getting mesmerized by your superior and stronger brain. The mind is an organic matter and thus, sway towards pride or hate rather easily and this may eventually stop the growth of a person.

In the ant dream, if the ants are seen marching in a row with the front-most ant holding a bit of bread, rice, or an eatable matter, then chances are that the dreamer will have an opportunity to show his/her leadership while ants hunting another ant or animal means death due to natural causes on which there would be no control of the dreamer.

Ants being squished or trampled upon by the dreamer or by unknown people shows repression of the mind by forces in motion due to old habits, societal pressure, or family.

Shivling dream meaning: Blessings, love, money, and powers enter your life!

After seeing the ant dream, if the person feels annoyed, depressed, or angry, or if the dreamer finds that these are the dominant emotions, then chances are that the tough battles lie ahead. However, do note, that help would always come as per the good karma currency the dreamer currently holds.

If still in doubt, then feeding wheat flour or eatables to ants or giving food to other animals or birds, or watering plants for as long as possible is advised.

Tying a threat to a nearby tree and seeking help from nature’s forces is also advised.

By Namta Gupta