Shivling dream meaning: Blessings, love, money and powers enter your life!

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Shivling dream has several meanings but the most important and the crucial one is that of balance in life and approach towards situations. The color of the Shivling defines the exact message but a mound or even an object that rises upwards and giving the dreamer the hope of seeing Shivling in a dream is a great sign for spiritual people. This dream is the dream of hope, love, and budding soul connection with the Supreme Soul. Shivling, especially seeing the full and proper Shivling, is the sign of male and female energies coming in the union at the most perfect time to maximize the abundance and blessings in life.

Let us take a detailed look at the Shivling dream as per the colors:

Blue or Blue sapphire Shivling dream: The blue or sapphire hued Shivling often comes in the dream state of a person who has worshipped the energy of Lord Shiva in a previous life cycle. Blue sapphire Shivling dream is the sign of bountiful harvest entering the life of the dreamer soon but this may take 1 year to bear fruit. Marriage, money, love, house, vehicle, travel, pregnancy, or, any other desires will manifest after seeing this dream. Beware of negativity, since this dream asks for the total surrender of the person to the Supreme Soul. The energy of the blue snake dream is very similar to the energy of this dream and could be read as well.

White marble Shivling or a snow Shivling dream: If you saw either of the Shivling in dreams then beware, since your actions and thoughts will solidify your spiritual base. The dreamer must know that forces much powerful than he can imagine are helping him/her.  If you saw this dream then know that a portal to another world of powerful yet positive energies is opening up hence, it is important to be respectful. Seeing yourself worship this Shivling in a dream is the sign that your soul craved for this connection and the wish has been granted.

Mercury Shivling dream: This Shivling dream is sent to people who are clueless or directionless about their own place in the sun. They are the hesitant types who like to pull themselves down at the level of ordinary, and mundane since self-deprecation seems like a virtue to them. To placate the ordinary men and women, they crush their own true selves down and the Supreme Soul is unhappy with the attitude and through this dream, they are told to speak their truth and claim their natural talents.

Python dream energy can be read by the one who wants to enhance his understanding of the dream. After seeing this Shivling, one is advised to first apologize for tearing himself/herself down and becoming as bad as the rest instead of bearing responsibilities and talents that the person would have carried so well. Angel Number 456 should be further read on this to know the stature that the person has in the eyes of the Supreme Soul.

Black Shivling dream: This Shivling dream is for the ordinary people with an extraordinarily innocent core that has attracted the Supreme Soul towards them. This dream is often seen by healers, nature lovers, or by those who see the merit of the person before the color of the skin or nationalities, etc. They have the energy of Angel Number 555 going and everything is changing around them, and they are capable of seeing hope and goodness in the most tumultuous of times. This simple dream is the sign of great beauty, great soul, and wisdom that one gets after undergoing a trial by fire.

Chances are that the person seeing this is a stubbornly good soul who refuses to demean his humanity or lower his morals to ‘fit in.’ If a woman ready to get betrothed sees this sign then marriage is on cards and the same goes for the men. But this dream initiates relaxed energy and the results may appear around a year or so. Patience is therefore advised and so is gratitude.

Ruby or red Shivling dream: Rarely would one see a red Shivling in the dream since it heralds growth of spirituality and abundance in the form of powers like stronger and more accurate intuition or the sixth sense or even powers like clairvoyance.

Channeling, superior and natural knowledge of astrology, and the power of communication with other non-human beings like animals, birds or bees, or the ability to talk to Devas or Angels, etc. may also be granted, since it is fast energy. It may lead to a spontaneous kundalini awakening, making a person restless for some time. But this restlessness energy entering the body and is merely making a strong foundation within the body to contain this new and powerful energy. Offering water and bread to cows, dogs, pigeons, eagles, crows, or owls will yield powerful results in an even shorter span. Staying focused and keeping karma clean by opting for a compassionate life must be a priority as soon the aura may fix to golden or purple hue soon.

Emerald or green Shivling dream: Extremely rare to see in a dream, this too heralds major and powerful life changes; money lost will return, opportunities will spring, and love will blossom. This is such a powerful dream that ‘victory’ would become the shadow of the person following him/her in ventures and after ventures. One can also read Lord Ram dream meaning for more insight on this. The fast-moving, fame giving and money churning energy of this dream is unparalleled. Soulmates manifest as well as a new outlook towards life. Emerald Shivling dream is not easy since love for all becomes a dominant trait but not without balance. This dream will ensure that one will be supremely blessed in terms of wisdom as well as achieve complete soul growth. If one sees this dream while experiencing a heartbreak, then remember that love is not outside but within. Energize the Anahata Chakra and spread the love of knowledge, grace, and friendship and true love of that truly someone special would soon knock at your door. Clearing the blocks of anxiety and staying positive is advised. After seeing the dream make a strong connection with Mother Nature and offer water to trees like peepal, banyan, or neem or plants like tulsi and rose. Let the love flow.

By Namta Gupta