Why are you gaining weight during Spiritual Awakening?

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At the beginning of spiritual awakening, some people may report an increase in weight.

But why?

The people who put on weight during the beginning of spiritual awakening are normally those whose bodies were in shambles earlier.

Disclaimer: Here I would first recommend the person to undergo a check-up done by a Doctor before deducing that one is indeed undergoing spiritual awakening and not suffering from poor health. Please ensure proper check-up because not everyone who puts on weight is undergoing a spiritual awakening.   

The muscles, the tissues, the veins, the arteries, and in fact ‘life force’ has depleted from the body due to a bad diet or being in stress mode for too long for some reason. However, due to accumulated good karma, spiritual help is available, at the insistence of the first spirit guide.

This person may have heard a phantom knock at some stage as well.

Since the body is weak, and the digestive system has grown weary, hence, first, the soul craves nutritious food. The person may start eating more than usual or more frequently at this stage of spiritual awakening.

This person may be suffering from bad body odor, constipation, excessive facial hair, and may have been anxious for a long time, making both the mind and body suffer and sluggish.

Due to overburdening of mind, and silently bearing negativity for long, at the first stage, the person may start hearing buzzing in the head which may have been diagnosed by a doctor as ‘Tinnitus’.

This buzz would go away in the second stage of Spiritual Awakening after some spiritual work and meditation.

The problem of constipation is the first thing that is tackled during the first stage of spiritual awakening. This is done because this ‘new’ and ‘pure’ energy also needs room to establish itself and to move inside as freely as the air and water in the confines body.

However, since the body is clogged, the mind (the organic matter which we inherit ‘brand new’ in every life cycle, unlike the soul which remains unchanged through all births) also is unwilling to cooperate or trust the process. Mind at this stage is absolutely sure as it has ‘felt’ and ‘touched’ and ‘lived’ the experience and has collected enough proof from modern-society that every ‘unseen’ force is untrustworthy.

Since the soul of the person at this stage is devoid of formidable strength hence, it will have to fight off this dominating and unrelenting force that is ‘mind’ and this tussle may lead to breakouts of hidden problems, like adult acne, old injury pains, old trauma, and even hate for a person or ideology. These are challenges sprouted by the mind, to pull the person away from spiritual growth as it fears for his/her safety based on its own ‘living’ and ‘organic’ experience.

At this stage, our Devas or Guides or Angels will not help us freely as the person’s soul has to fight off this hold itself and firmly establish itself. This is trial by fire and the person undergoing spiritual awakening will have to fight it off himself/herself.

If at this stage, the person loses control and falters from Dharma or Justice, then the spiritual awakening will stop by itself.

However, if the person continues to be balanced and works on self-control then either the power of Devas and Guides are increased by the Supreme Soul or more powerful Devas are given to the person who will start helping the person.

Here, the mind starts believing that these forces are good, and starts trusting the forever ‘unperishable’ soul and will understand that the spiritual awakening is here to stay and hence, would also like to help.

To assist, the mind first tries to create a bank of new energy within the body. It would desire nuts, ghee or clarified butter, soy, and fruits like bananas or custard apples.

Once it reaches stage two of spiritual awakening, the body would have already gotten accustomed to the high vibrations and the clogs within would have opened up.

In the second stage, it won’t need more energy, and all extra weight, as well as other issues, would be gone.

Please remember that Stage 1 of spiritual awakening may last for 2 or 3 years if the person is a new soul while old souls may stay in this stage for a maximum period of 1 to 2 years. Initiation is more difficult but once it begins, the flow gets smoother.

Stages of Spiritual Awakening are as under. These are as per me:

Stage 1: Awakened Novice (Time period- 2 to 3 years)

The person would start seeing Divine Message Number patterns or what we know as Angel Numbers

Lucid dreams would begin

Feathers would show up at unlikely places bringing answers

Birds/Animals/Reptiles would also bring us our answers

Stage 2: Awakened Soul/Siddha (Time period- 7 months for old souls, 35 years for new souls)

Direct connection with Supreme Soul opens

Many spiritual powers come at this stage

Many never reach this stage in one lifetime

Stage 3: Guru (Time period-8 months for the old soul and 7 years for the new one)

At this stage, spiritual powers accumulated through all life cycles appear

But all powers must be used for the benefit of the Dharma

Time must be taken out by this person to take to teaching others or the soul would have to repeat this cycle

Stage 4: Bauddh (Time period-infinite birth cycles for new and near about a year for the old one)

‘Me’ Time begins

Soul now focuses only on itself

Enlightenment without expansion in spiritual powers

Stage 5: Deva (Time period- 3 months for old soul, 17 years for the new one)

Deva gets enlightenment with expansion in powers

Gets assigned work to nurture Dharma

Is pure love and light

Is incorruptible

Stage 6: Brahm (No specific time)

The soul of the mortal becomes so pure and refined that it merges into the Supreme Soul or the Brahm

This stage is achieved after more than a million births and accumulated karmic rewards

Soul becoming one with the Supreme Soul is so rare that hardly anyone ever reaches this stage

By Namta Gupta