Brown feather meaning: Why it appears and what does it mean?

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Brown feather often shows up in the waking life of a person on a spiritual path.

These feathers are sent by the Supreme Soul as the sign of either affirmation or as the answer to a request put by a person.

When brown feathers start showing up, one must pay special attention to the most predominant thought he/she is having and ask the Deva/Spirit Guide/Angel if it is the answer to your query.

If the intuition says it is but you are still in doubt, please ask for clear directions during meditation.

A brown feather is often the mark of lower-level assisting Devas who can answer queries of routine/daily life easily.  If a brown feather is seen in a dream, then it represents the protection of these assisting Devas or Angels. But if a bunch of brown feathers appears in a dream then often it is the mark of a person who may soon become a chief, or the head of the family, and clan.

If in the waking life, a brown feather is seen inside the house at stairs where no bird can sneak in, then the person has highly protective Devas who are asking you to take a leap of faith and work to your highest potential without any fear.

If seen on a pillow, then a brown feather means that it is the mark of a deity or a positive force who has come to tell the person that you are not alone and hence, never to lose heart.

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By Namta Gupta