Angel Number 108: You are humanitarian, take joy!

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Angel Number 108 is a sign of the rise of a new consciousness for those on the path of spiritual awakening. This phase of ‘newfound consciousness’ is about a person realizing the importance of spiritual awakening.

This number is usually sent to devoted individuals who are humanitarian in deeds but are sometimes unable to draw satisfaction from the service they provide.

Angel Number 108 appears asking them to serve not to ‘prove anything’ but to draw joy from the ‘act.’

Many times, we do or take on service or volunteering not to feel ‘good’ but to put others down, and since the intention is to prove ourselves superior hence, the satisfaction or the ‘real juice’ of the act never satisfies our soul.

The Angel Number 108 is thus about doing things for the purpose of attaining joy which in turn stabilizes and nourishes our soul.

Angel Number 108 has been given huge importance in Hinduism and 108 chants of a mantra are always considered good.

Angel Number 108 tells a person that there is spirituality behind every karm or act provided we detach negative emotions and impulses from it.

The hand that provides must not feel it is superior but grateful and happy that it became the ‘nimitt’ or the agent of Dharma while the one who takes the aid must express the gratitude that such a nimitt exists and be thankful for the kindness around her/him.

This used to be part of ancient Indian Hindu culture but now all of it is vanishing as materialism has come to dominate our ethos, ethics, and spirituality. Angel Number 108 is telling the person to take steps on the path of spirituality and all the unbridled ‘ego’ or superiority complexes will melt away and the soul will relax.

Angel Number 108 is a highly spiritual number but its message may not resonate with everyone, except for those who are realizing that the lack of spirituality is drying up the peace inside their hearts and souls.

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By Namta Gupta