Angel Number 1008: Ascension to a higher level has begun

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If you are the person who saw Angel Number 1008 or is seeing this Angel Number, then it technically means that the spiritual awakening of the first part is over and the next, and the more difficult ascension cycle would begin.

Angel Number 777 may appear more after seeing Angel Number 1008. So if you are the person who saw Angel Number 1008, then please be kind to yourself and enjoy light walks instead of hard and heavy exercises.

It is likely that the person seeing Angel Number 1008 may find that the body has become weak, or it would become weak during this phase, and loss of appetite would also happen for a month or two as the body would start absorbing more intense energies and hence, burn more fat as a result.

Past lives, past loves of these past lives, and the knowledge attained in the past lives would enter the person’s life after consistently seeing Angel Number 1008. This is such a significant number that chanting is often done in the pairs of 1008 mantra chants among those who profess the Hindu faith.

Among the Hindus, it is regarded as an amazing number as it opens the gates of visitation by superior forces of the Supreme Soul who would impart important subjects like divinity, forecasts, astrology, and the Vedas.

This phase usually lasts for about 3 months and during this time, I reiterate, that weight loss would be immense as the body would burn more calories due to the absorption of extremely powerful energies.

If, however, the person has been struggling with backaches or weight gain, then Angel Number 1008 is a huge blessing.

A bit of advice for those seeing Angel Number 1008 is to kindly drink 10-12 glasses of water each day, to keep the body cool.

Angel Number 1008 means one thing; preparing the person for the energy Angel Number 777.

If you harbor a desire to meet your assisting Devas or Angels, then you may meet them soon. However, at every stage, please be respectful and truthful.

There is no need to dumb down your emotions, and the Devas appreciate the truth, even when it is harsh.

Angel Number 1008 is the testing phase for your subconscious, hence, be alert.

You may gain money, power, and fame, yet you have to remain steady and stay on the path of Dharma at all costs.

Dharma is justice and righteousness which one must live by at all times.

If you saw Angel Number 1008 embossed on a silver coin or silver metal mostly, then it means multiple spiritual gifts and awakening. This person is also being prepared for a huge political role ahead.

If Angel Number 1008 is being seen on a golden surface or gold coin mostly, then it means Moksha or complete liberation from the cycle of birth and death. This also means, that by and large the soul has merged in the Source energy or the Supreme Soul, and will wield greater power as and when is required.

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If, however, the Angel Number 1008 is seen on a common steel coin, then it means complete awareness but lack of drive to achieve the level of the silver or the gold coin.

But, if someone saw this number on a coin or a surface embossed with diamonds, then beware, as your soul ascension is soon going to take you to the enlightened or the Deva level.  But this may make the person vain, and hence, aura cleaning is advised. Check how to clean aura.

Angel Number 1008 is a powerful call by the Supreme Soul and Angel Number 777 would soon complement it, yet, it would do all of us much good to remain humble on this path. Any attempts to use spirituality to run another person down is going to prove that the person lacks moral depth.

After all, not all of us are equally aware of this journey.

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Disdain, ridicule, or abusing those who either do not believe in this journey or are a little skeptical will turn the aura darker saffron. So beware.

By Namta Gupta