Angel Number 0000: You are a Divine Being!

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Angel Number 0000 is a sign of master manifestor who is soon to sign join in the league of Devas through his own actions. His karmic rewards are to soon flow to him and he must receive them without hesitation. The Angel Number 0000 is sent to a select few individuals in a span of some hundreds of years and in dreams, only one person has so far received it.

Angel Number 0000 is a sign of purity of heart, mind, and soul; it is the sign of oneness with the Universe where the individual’s soul has merged to some extent with the Supreme Soul. Angel Number 0000 seeing individuals are artists, dreamers, and lovers of all that is there; they see beauty and love in their surroundings. The chaos outside cannot hurt them as they are like a lotus in mud. Such people have superhuman abilities of vision and they may also possess the ability to change the past and the future.

Angel Number 0000 is thus the sign that has to be very rare as not all people have that type of Dharmic mindset, so as to never utilize these powers for their own personal use. The Universe trusts these people and these people are likely to possess unflinching faith in the Supreme Soul as well.

Angel Number 0000 is thus a very unique sign; the power, the money, the glory all will be given but the person instead of amassing it all for himself or herself will utilize for the glory of Justice or Dharma.

Such a person is therefore an individual who is unlike any other. This person could also be on the path of a Twin Flame journey and may have superior spiritual soulmates. The path of this person is clear; this individual has to work hard and partner some of Supreme Soul’s own load. This is, therefore, as much a privilege as it is the duty for which this person signed up out of love for the Supreme Soul. These souls are evolved and ‘old’ and may never crack even in the worst times. These people see the importance of their soul and their goals and may never be able to compromise on the basic principles of life. They are the lovers of life and justice, it never hurts them to take care of others as they see them as assets and not liabilities. Family-oriented, just, super-powerful, their prayers always bring them resolutions as the Supreme Soul understands the merit in their prayers. They may amass a wealth of information, wisdom, and knowledge and may possess either purple or golden aura that would never go away in their lifetime. Their life as well as death would always evoke strong emotions among the people they serve or will serve.

Angel Number 0000 is often sent late to a person since it has to be ensured that the mind is not ruling or curbing the said person’s soul. Only after a trial by fire where several challenges are thrown at the person and she has emerged as a Noble soul, will the Universe send this sign.

This sign is thus unique in every way possible and is a mark of a supreme leader or a Guru. The person seeing this sign is thus just a part of the Supreme Soul and yet he/she has a face of her own for now.

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Angel Number 0000 is a blessing but it is a blessing for a chosen few that have been selected by the Supreme Soul as part of HIS/HER own tribe of noble souls. If you ever see this sign, then sit down in meditation and ask Ganpati to guide you through from there. Let him take charge and give direction to your destiny. It may not be an easy path, but Ganpati surely knows that it can only be achieved by you. Be happy, be kind, and be yourself.

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