Twin Flames versus Soulmates: How one can distinguish between the two?

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Twin Flames are superior bonds spiritually but they are rather demanding as well.

Twin Flames happen and flourish when a gigantic challenge lies ahead. Soulmates on the other hand are about personal growth and it takes a soul several hundreds of births more before it could be put on a Twin Flame journey.

But since now there is confusion between these two, it is important to understand broader differences.

Twin Flames are on a spiritual journey of self-discovery as well as taking on the burden of human consciousness. In times of extreme chaos and loss of moral values, Universe brings Twin Flames together, who have accumulated vast knowledge and leadership abilities through several births, to reverse the tide. Together these souls become so strong that they become sort of ‘one’ for example one’s commitment becomes also that of his wife’s and vice-versa.
They struggle together and show the world through pleasure and suffering, how to fight in a morally depraved society, and establish a just order.

Soulmates are more like the churning of our own souls through which the butter (goodness- the elixir that is there in our soul) starts protruding forth. This is the basic difference between the Twin Flame and Soulmate connections.

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