Soulmates versus Twin Flames which one is best for you?

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Let’s begin with the Soulmates.

Soulmates are essentially love-bonds that have the choice to either focus on one relationship or many relations and gain experiences in lifetimes.

If one desires a romantic compatible love that is thought-provoking and passionate then a Soulmate connection won’t fail but it would not be as intense as they primarily provide safety, stability, and security to a person. A Soulmate understands his/her partner without needless peeping in extremely private and vulnerable moments in which a person may be trying to hide his ludicrous or unstable side.

While two souls do connect in Soulmate connection they do not fuse in as ‘one’ like the Twin Flames leaving enough space for ourselves.

A Soulmate connection is therefore infinitely better for those who are a true romantic at heart.

But Twin Flames is slightly different as it is technically male and female energies of one whole soul that are coming together in one lifetime to do some necessary learning or to go on a quest. Mostly Twin Flames come in the times of chaos or when God/Supreme Soul sees vulnerable or unsettling times for life ahead. In this chaos, Twin Flames come to act as Gurus or Teachers and to give directions to mankind. Twin Flames, therefore, are just more than romance; they impart a valuable lesson for every individual who sees, hears or learns from them.

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Twin Flame is like a love bond with the Universe itself. It is up to the choosing of the Universe when to send Twin Flames. But what we do know is that Twin Flames are exceptionally ordinary when they pursue ‘their’ happiness but they will apply gigantic force for the love they have for their soul-goal. Twin Flames, in short, are also about love, it is just that their love would be two enormous and too consuming for just an individual. Whereas Soulmates have the tendency to stay loyal and faithful to the one they identify as their own and they may not even like taking on any other ‘unnecessary’ burden. So what is your choice?

By Namta Gupta