White feathers meaning: Hope, tranquility and much more!

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Are you new to the spiritual journey? Chances are that you would start noticing white feathers everywhere.

Some may end up being shown to you in dreams if you fail to acknowledge your soul’s development.

White feathers are one of the first signs one would see at the beginning of their spiritual journey.

Those who have started seeing natural white feathers are usually people who are new in the spiritual journey and maybe in two minds; one side a believer and another side a non-believer.

The white feather’s message is to believe what your soul ‘already’ believes in, and dive into in with hope and faith.

If the white feather comes from the tail of a bird, then it represents good luck in family life. If the feather is from the neck then it means an abundance of moral values while if it is from any other part of the bird, then too, it means hope, and tranquility, for the budding spiritual master in you.

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If you are afraid or have doubts, then white feathers will appear everywhere from dreams to cupboards and in unlikely places as a sign of assurance from the Supreme Soul that nothing in this journey would endanger the soul in the mortal realm. White feathers are the symbols of purity, kindness, and also of sincerity which the Devas or the Angels see in the person. And they are around you to gently nudge the person towards spirituality. However, if you do not want to get into the spiritual side of life then simply say no and all of it would be gone. It is entirely up to us whether we want any godly force to enter our lives.

Our simple no is good enough.

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By Namta Gupta