Angel Number 1115: Feel the depths of true love

Angel Number 2210, Numbber 2210, 2210 meaning, soulmate, love, Anahata, Vishudha, Chakra

 Angel Number 1115 comes from the depths of love that the Supreme Soul is feeling for a person.

Angel Number 1115 is unique in a lot of ways; as it speaks of the emotions, the love, and of the feelings more than anything else.

This Angel Number is the sign of the pure joy that the Supreme Soul feels for a special soul on Earth.

Angel Number 1115 is unique since it is just about the love between the Supreme Soul and the soul in the mortal realm with no desires, and no wants.

Since, there are no ‘manifestation requests’ attached hence, very rarely do people try to understand what Angel Number 1115 is all about.

But what must be kept in mind is that this bond is so strong that anything that the person craves, he/she will most certainly get as he/she will have the trust of the Supreme Soul. Even the powers of the Supreme Soul will be accessible to him/her as and when required.

Due to this pure and innocent bond, the soul becomes so powerful that Supreme Soul speaks to the person freely, guides and nurtures him/ her as and when is required. All his/her needs are taken care of by the Supreme Soul, hence, the absence of the ‘desires.’

So, we can say that what these lucky folks need, they get very easily even though they are not actively trying to manifest them. But why don’t they care? Because when the purest of love knocks on the door, who would in the right mind worry about mortal pleasures?

Those who see Angel Number 1115 may routinely be seeing Angel Number 111 and Angel Number 000 and may have either Golden or the Purple aura. These numbers are there to say ‘Hi there, my friend’ from the supreme power.

Writing or penning down thoughts is advised as the Supreme Soul would like to further deepen this relationship. Any doubts or questions this person has will be answered by the Supreme Soul in his/her meditation.

By Namta Gupta