Angel number 5551: Embrace your talent and creativity

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The message of Angel number 5551 is of hope.

Hope that is undying and unyielding.

Hope for a better future and a better life.

Those who witness Angel number 5551 are unique folks in a lot of ways; they are creative and yet they fear their creativity. They are really good people but in their own assessment, they are never good, and never enough.

They are forever in the vulnerable mode because they do not believe in their own self and constantly end up beating themselves down. Angel number 5551 tells these individuals to trust, to stay positive, bubble with hope, and sing their own song.

Please note that people who see Angel number 5551 are not depressed or hopeless, their problem lies in their belief system; they just never find themselves as good as the others and often take the second spot willingly.

Angel number 5551 appears to tell them to put an end to this ‘surrender’ mentality and instead be the light that they forever see in others.

Are you seeing Angel number 5551?

If you are the one seeing this then know this, it is telling you that it does not matter how good or bad you are, but instead to focus on how hard you tried to be a better version of yourself and how far has your soul journeyed.

Placing limits is not a virtue in the eyes of the Supreme Soul but instead a sin because an entire life cycle is wasted in pleasing the unpleasable.

People seeing Angel number 5551 may have seen Angel number 786  as well and could be newer souls, hence, they curb their natural abilities, creativity, and goodness and dumb themselves down to be people pleasers.

Supreme Soul says with this Angel number to put an end to it immediately and embrace the energy of Angel number 456 immediately as the person’s first commitment is always to his own soul’s growth.

A piece of advice; If you saw or are regularly seeing Angel number 5551, then contemplate and write down why you shy away from your talent or abilities.  Everything that comes to your mind like words, symbols, images, everything should be written.

Then start sprinkling water and see the words fade away, drop some more, and some more, till every bit of the word gets wiped off. Please use an ink pen for this.

Once the ink is completely smudged or nearly clean or no more readable, please stop sprinkling the water and dry the paper up.

After it completely dries up, write what is to gain from the project you enjoy doing and keep it in a frame near your most frequented non-active peaceful corner.

Read it twice daily.

I assure you, your blocks or shyness that stops you from living your life will go away just like that ink.

Of course, not all of us can become as big as Shri Kalidasa in literature or be multimillionaires but some of us will end up creating masterpieces that would be admired long after we are gone. Also, trying to be our better version is always most satisfying and that is the underlying message of Angel number 5551. Here is raising a toast for the budding master in you.

By Namta Gupta