Peacock feather dream meaning: Money, fame, love, all come to you!

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A peacock feather dream is a difficult dream as it generally means that major internal upheavals have either taken place or would take place as desired and agreed by your soul.

In the dream, if a peacock feather is found on a street or on pavement then it is the sign of glory or fame, which will be earned by the person with ease.

A peacock feather resting on the hand of the person means prosperity, while a peacock feather being gifted in the dream means major and huge monetary breakthroughs coming in the waking life of the person.

A bunch of peacock feathers means happiness all around in the life of the person while a dead peacock’s feathers scattered on the floor mean a complete loss of happiness and virtue in the person. Depression in the life of a person may set in and this dream is a warning to take to Yoga, Meditation, and Surya Namaskars (with mantras) to avoid it.

If peacock feathers are gifted by Mother Durga or any of the Gods or a higher Dharmic figure whom the dreamer acknowledges in the waking life, then there really is no better dream to see. Likely, all the cleansing is either over or is nearing the end and spiritual powers like solid intuition, better knowledge of astrology and cosmos, as well as clairvoyance or channeling, may have been given to the dreamer.

The changes would come in the physical reality in terms of increased money flow, fame, love, career, and even more spiritual powers.

Peacock feather dream heralds good and positive changes just like Lord Ram in a dream which I recommend reading.

Yes, the life earlier was hard; it must have been as arduous as the Samundra Manthan. The halahal/poison has been erased for the dreamer by the Supreme Soul,  and now only the sweet nectar or Amrit remains for him/her to drink and rejoice.

Now, it is up to the dreamer how well he/she keeps his/her karma clean but in the eyes of the Supreme Soul, your slate is brand new.

Are you the one who had the peacock feather dream?

I have something to say!

Write your happiness and glory in this slate, with your solid and good karma as now, the full force of the divine is standing with you.

By Namta Gupta