Angel Number 786: You are like a butterfly, share a bond with Earth!

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 Angel Number 786 is like a butterfly; fragile and supremely beautiful.

The lustrous colours of a butterfly speak of a life form that may live for a few days but it lives life in the most colourful and abundant way feeding off on the best of nectar. Angel Number 786 is similar.

Angel Number 786 leads to the beautification of the mind, body and soul and also leads to the connection with the Mother Earth ‘Bhumi.’ Bhumi or Dhara is a sort of Mother specifically for the person who sees this sign.

Besides adults, Angel Number 786 is also a sign that a child may start noticing quite early. These children and adults must be allowed to venture into the forests and green spaces and be taught botany, herbology or even animals-related subjects for future development of their souls’ spirituality.

It is likely that these are first-time born souls and may feel that they are clueless or not grounded about their lives and life purpose.

Here asking Mother Bhumi to become the guardian of the Soul is, therefore, more crucial than ever. These children or adults must learn to do basic yoga and reiki healing or energy transfers at a young age or else they may turn inwards and their lives may get destroyed due to selfishness, anger and lack of compassion for others.

Angel Number 786 seeing people are also suggested to chant Lord Shiva’s name as and when they get the time and seek His help in clearing their path ahead. It is likely that after doing these steps  a person may become awakened and may even start questioning established norms and societal values but all this are part of purging negativity and thus must be embraced.

Careful counselling in this stage instead of harsh words and punishments are advised.

Sharing Jain values or simply chanting Shiva’s name at regular intervals will help even more.

Such souls must be allowed and encouraged to roam free and they must be encouraged to forge bonds with the forces of nature; Sun, Moon, Stars, Air, Water, Fire and Trees etc.

They are new souls and thus, must learn their own way in their first birth cycle. What we teach them in the first birth would define their Karmic blessings or Karmic load in the upcoming births.

Hence, every help must be extended to such souls. My advice would be to simply encourage and facilitate their bonding with Mother Earth and put them in Jainism teachings or path at least at the onset so that the soul becomes focused and kind early on.

Chanting Shiva’s name and asking Shiva-energy to take care of the soul will help besides taking blessings of Mother Earth. Parents or Guardians can also pray if the child is too small to understand it in the beginning.

It may seem too much work for the family members but understand this; the Supreme Soul entrusted the family with this mentoring job for a young soul meaning that the Supreme Soul saw in the family Guru-level potential and handed them an unpolished gem. Ask yourself now, would you shun this huge responsibility?

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