Inclusion of Yoga in the treatment of breast cancer patients is highly beneficial

New Delhi, December 25, 2022: As per a study by the Tata Memorial Hospital, inclusion of Yoga in the treatment of breast cancer patients is highly beneficial. The inclusion of Yoga resulted in a 15% relative improvement in disease free survival (DFS) and 14% in overall survival (OS). The yoga intervention was carefully designed with inputs […]

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Yoga finally enters Alabama public schools with 3 Birmingham schools

New Delhi, February 1, 2022: Although Alabama public schools were reportedly allowed to offer yoga through state legislation after about 28 years ban, with Governor Kay Ivey signing a bill on May 20 last, schools still seem to be shy of introducing it. But Birmingham City School District (BCSD), which runs 42 schools with over 22,000 students, seemed to have […]

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Hindus urge McDonald’s to discontinue trivializing yoga in its commercials

New Delhi, January 11, 2022: Hindus are urging Chicago headquartered fast-food company McDonald’s Corporation not to unnecessarily and unreasonably drag the serious discipline of yoga in its commercials, handling it with a flippant attitude. Recently McDonald’s came out with a “Like getting your money’s worth – yoga” commercial by Leo Burnett for the United Kingdom to […]

Hindus critical of footballer Roy Keane for passing blame of his “worst performance to” yoga

New Delhi, August 12, 2021: Hindus have strongly criticized Irish footballer Roy Keane who seemed to be blaming yoga for his “worst performance” when asked in a recent interview by English football pundit Gary Neville. Passing blame of one’s crummy performance to highly beneficial yoga was quite out of line as many scientific/academic/clinical/etc. studies had revealed […]

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Yoga and Naturopathy to aid the Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Covid-19 Patients

New Delhi, April 24, 2021: Realising the importance and need of psychological care along with the physical treatment, three premier institutions have come together to develop a Protocol for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of COVID-19 Patients. These 3 eminent institutions are: the Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN), an autonomous body of the Ministry of Ayush, […]