What are Phantom knocks? What do they mean? Should you be afraid?

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Phantom knocks or ghost knocks? What are they?

You are in the middle of the night and then you suddenly hear a knock and wake up.

Or perhaps you are in the kitchen cooking for family and suddenly hear a sharp knock which only you have heard and no one else did.

You go out to see the source but then dismiss it thinking it was imagination until you start finding assistance in spiritual matters which was never the case earlier. Many people hear these phantom knocks when their souls are ready for spiritual expansion and for playing a bigger role in society.

We can safely say that these phantom knocks, sometimes known as the ghost knocks come just before the spiritual awakening. The person may be seeing vivid dreams or may have undergone a massive change in the spiritual belief system and the soul desires a kindred guide to walk it through the rough patches.

So how does the soul know when the ‘guidance’ blessing has been approved?

Simple! Through phantom knocks!

The phantom knock can be heard on windows or doors or any place that the person frequents and finds himself/herself at ease.

These knocks usually come from the first spirit guide who may be a departed but an enlightened ancestor. Please remember to stay positive and be respectful as this spirit may try to ‘discipline’ you and who likes this when we are adults?

Phantom knocks may come at any time but there is no need to be afraid at any stage.

Accept the kindness of your first friend-Guide with a prayer to Lord Ganesha.

This is the prayer I made and use whenever I find myself in doubt:

“Shri Ganesha!

Guide me with love and light,

Bless me with Truth, self-discovery, and self-mastery

As I begin this profound journey!

Stand by me as my Guru, as my friend, as my father

And my mother and protect me

From every harm!

I bow to you, the Soul Supreme,

May our bond stand the test of times!

Om Gan Ganpatye Namah!”

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By Namta Gupta