Angel Number 8800: You will enjoy energy of money!

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If one has started seeing Angel Number 8800 then the chances are that this person has been doing a lot of work on herself/himself and that he/she is trying Law of Attraction with a lot of success.

Many would get jealous of this person in the coming days as he/she will have magical energy that would pull money like a powerful magnet.  Either this has started happening or will happen in the nearest possible future due to the accumulation of good karma and backing of the Supreme Soul.

This person may have become masterful in drawing money, as at the core, he/she is still a kind and compassionate person who loves the energy of money, and would like to make use of this for those who lack in this.

In short, Angel Number 8800 is the sign of an ace artist of the money energy; where others see a void, this person will see a pot of gold; where others see a drought, this person sees minerals, not because he is too skilled but because of the ‘developed’ Ajna Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra which allows him/her to spot opportunities lying under the dust.

Of course, not everyone can work with money energy without going corrupt or becoming too materially obsessed, hence, only one or two people would find Angel Number 8800 appear in dreams.

Angel Number 8800 also has a message of oneness with other souls since this person would like to help others as well. But the person seeing Angel Number 8800 would be under no doubt that he/she is privileged to undertake this mission of the Supreme Soul and bring a spiritual revolution with money.

This person will soon enjoy all the wealth and may have also seen Angel Number 77 and Angel Number 44. I recommend reading about these.

Angel Number 8800 is thus a great sign to see. My advice is to worship Goddess Kali or Goddess Durga to further stabilize the energy of the Chakras. If not, then do pray to Lord Surya or The Sun and offer 1 tumbler of water each day chanting:

‘Om Suryay Namah’

This helps keep the soul connected to Supreme Soul at all times and the latter would be empowered enough to intervene quickly if the energy of the person depletes or goes haywire.

Also, do remember that our bodies are but vessels where our souls live, and energy gets created as well as destroyed each day. So do take good care of your body as well after Angel Number 8800 starts showing up as you would need clean energy to work your magic.

By Namta Gupta