Goddess Kali dream meaning: Protection and good luck are coming!

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Goddess Kali represents the maternal love of the fierce kind. So, if Goddess Kali appears in a dream, then take a moment to rejoice because the supreme power is the protector and the benefactor of that person.

The Goddess Kali dream means endless protection for the dreamer as Goddess Kali is the symbol of everything ‘female.’ The female today is the much-derided and  abused in our society, and it is not hidden from anyone. Driven by cheap and ‘woke’ materialism, society today likes to see a woman as either a victim or a sexual ‘item’. And yet, it is the female who throws out every caution, every norm, and every custom, to protect her own against the unjust forces.

The sign of what a woman is capable of doing when her beloved is under attack is best represented by Goddess Kali. Now, who is Goddess Kali?

She is another swaroop or manifestation of Goddess Parwati. Goddess Parwati was born in a royal family and later married Lord Shiva. When the Adharma seemed too big for even the sacred male energies to take on, Goddess Parwati transformed herself into a fierce warrior and became known as Kali. Kali fought like a blazing ball of fire so hard that Lord Shiva, to control her rage, had to put himself at her feet, whom she accidentally stepped on. The Goddess was so consumed by grief having stepped on Lord Shiva, also known as Bholenath (the one who is the epitome of innocence), that she returned to her original form in a moment. Maternal and caring instincts are the supreme signs of Goddess Kali. She does not desire anything except to care for the innocent and the just, and will fight till she vanquishes the evil that threatens them.

Imagine seeing such a powerful maternal force in dreams. If you indeed saw Goddess Kali dream without external stimuli, then you must know that She sees you as a balanced person who respects both the male and the female.

The person who saw the Goddess Kali dream is ever ready to fight injustice without taking care of his/her own self, please also note that many Hindu kings and queens were the worshippers of Goddess Kali. Jai Bhavani, and Jai Mahakali, are common chants which the Hindus use to show their respect towards the sacred feminine energy represented by Goddess Kali.

If in the Goddess Kali dream, She appears in a happy and smiling posture or the posture of giving a blessing, then the dreamer may soon become very well-known in society.

If in the Goddess Kali dream, she gives the dreamer cooked rice or puts tilak (sacred vermillion) or vibhuti on his/her forehead, then success would become like a shadow of this person.

If She kills or battles unknown people in the dream, then she is striking out the unjust forces out to get the dreamer or to mortally harm him/her.

If in the Goddess Kali dream, She is seen in a resting pose, then all the worries of the dreamer belong to her, and it also means that is time for the dreamer to rest.

If Goddess Kali starts appearing in the dreams of a person regularly, then it is time for him/her to say a prayer and get the boons he/she always desired. Angel Number 1111 corresponds to this energy and should be read to enhance understanding of this dream.

If in the Goddess Kali dream, the dreamer is seen neglecting or ridiculing Goddess Kali, then it shows the perverted side towards women and nature in general. Chances are also that he/she has seen Angel Number 786 earlier or is troubled at the psychological level and sees feminine energy as somewhat inferior. This attitude must be tackled since female energy is as important as the masculine one. This person may even have a brown aura and thus, must be counseled.

If Goddess Kali grants the dreamer a garland of lotus or marigold, then be sure that at the karmic level he/she is at the finest stage. This person may soon have momentous soul growth and would see an increase in the sacred female energy and blessings of the Divine.

This person will soon have special spiritual powers.

The Goddess Kali dream is the guarantee of a quick stroke of luck, happiness, male-female energy balance, fame, fortune, and even in pregnancy. The money will always be there for these people in the upcoming days.

How we react to Goddess Kali both in the dream as well as in the waking life reveals what we generally are and whether we are respectful towards the emotional and physical struggles of the females around us.

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By Namta Gupta