Lord Hanuman dream meaning: A super-powerful energy has entered your life

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Lord Hanuman dream comes when a person is undergoing duress or pain unimaginable for others.

Lord Hanuman dream brings new energy to awaken the subconscious and towards the true potential of the person.

It is uncommon to see Lord Hanuman in a dream without an external trigger, for example, TV shows or songs, etc., since it is a powerful energy which may lead to changes both psychologically and physically.

Manipura Chakra/Solar Chakra gets energized after seeing the Lord Hanuman dream; a person may start bouncing with this new energy as he/she awakens to the true potential of his/her soul in the waking life.

Lord Hanuman symbolizes power, service to the Supreme Lord Ram, knowledge, and fighting against injustice. The dreamer who saw Lord Hanuman dream may soon start seeing all these qualities appear in himself one by one.

If Lord Hanuman appears in the pose of blessing, then the health and financial problems of the dreamer will soon disappear.

If Lord Hanuman arrives in a dark red hue all over and with His club ready to strike, then it is a wake-up call for the person to stop surrendering his values and morals for the routine or for what is in vogue or is woke.

If in the Lord Hanuman dream, the divine energy appears with a slight greenish hue or is seen consuming fruits from a plate then it means, that He recognizes the dreamer as worthy of his blessings. This also means that the Lord Hanuman may also appear in front of the person and grant him wishes.

If in the Lord Hanuman dream, the Lord appears with the black hue, then remember that this is the sign of supreme power coming towards the dreamer but this is an energy that would be too powerful. It is advisable that the dreamer who saw the Black Lord Hanuman dream must worship the lord but at the same time, he/she must absorb His energy through yoga, martial arts, heavy exercises, wrestling, and meditation.

The Black Lord Hanuman dream signifies supreme, yet raw, power and this energy although around us cannot be absorbed without supreme effort.

The same holds true for the Black Lord Ganesha dream as well. Those who saw Lord Hanuman dream must be courageous, honest, and be devoted to Lord Ram and Lord Shiva as well, to be able to absorb this energy.

Goddess Durga dream meaning: You have earned her favor!

Lord Hanuman dream opens gates for the new and super-powerful energy to flow in the dreamer’s life. This energy changes nature and also annihilates the obstacles in the path of the dreamer, however, to actually be able to use it, one may need to offer service with love and compassion of the purest kind to the Lord.

By Namta Gupta