Lord Ganesha dream meaning: Prosperity, spiritual growth, and much more!

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Lord Ganesha dream is unique because it mostly ends our existing cycles and starts new ones. A dragging and loveless relationship may end and a job, one no longer loves, gets replaced by own venture.

In short, changes and more changes come knocking. Some of these changes may be disliked by the dreamer’s brain but her/his soul is craving for.

Red Ganesha dream: Lord Ganesha, all red from head to toe, seen with a trident/ Trishul, means blossoming abundance of a higher degree which would need the full push of the Muladhara Chakra or the root chakra. The red Ganesha dream would fill the person with drive, passion, and also to some degree with a complete and unshakable focus on material growth. The person won’t allow mundane, safe, or routine path, and would become totally fearless while in pursuit of his/her goals.

A piece of advice for those visited by the Red Ganesha energy is to keep an open mind with regards to money. Guilt or hate towards money or abundance will create problems for the Muladhara chakra and may lead to lower spine problems.

Affirmations like these are helpful:

‘I love money which comes my way.’

‘I am always lucky with money.’

‘I always earn money guilt-free.’

These affirmations also help in resolving past money-hating attitude.

Gold Ganesha dream: If you saw golden-hued Ganesha in a dream state, then remember that all your chakras are either going to get attuned or they are attuned to a higher degree already. Lucid visions, astral flying, knowledge of astrology, dice predictions, future predictions, and all sorts of superior spiritual powers including clairvoyance, channeling, natural remedies for healing, ability to talk to animals and other sentient beings and life forms, come naturally to the dreamer. The golden-hued Ganesha is also the sign of the dreamer connected to the Supreme Soul and he/she is likely an honest and powerful soul in his/her own stead already. The dreamer seeing golden Ganesha dream could also be an old soul that has reincarnated several times, and thus already has an established bond with the Supreme Soul. Hence, even very young children may be seeing the Gold Ganesha dream. This golden Ganesha dream is the sign for an awakened, wise, and illustrious soul for whom there have been placed no limits from the Supreme Soul’s side when it comes to spiritual empowerment and expansion. These individuals may have a purple or golden hue to their aura or some saffron as well.

So be kind to yourself, if you find yourself more drawn to Hinduism or Jainism which focuses on ‘looking within’ and bhakti. Chances are you have spent at least one life cycle in a Hindu or Jain environment and worshipped Lord Ganesha as the ‘Supreme Soul’ at least once with full love and devotion.

Brown Ganesha dream: Saw brown Ganesha dream?  Probably you saw the Ganesha image or sculpture or statue made of common soil but still with some sheen? Chances are that you got a visit from Lord Ganesha at some time in your life and hence, ‘God’ or the ‘Supreme Soul’ is not a force that is ‘alien’ or ‘outside’ anymore. For your soul, this bond is as real and as solid as the ground or the soil. Just like your father or a sibling, the Supreme Soul is taking care of you without making a show about it; He just sees you, helps you like a family member, and does not seek anything at all in return. All he wants to reassure you with is that He Is There and is as real as the soil he has been carved out of. Those who see this dream are like the happiest people as they are like the kin of the Supreme Soul and he loves to be around them either as a Spirit Guide form or in his full powers.

Pic of Lord Ganesha:


 White Ganesha dream: White Ganesha dream is incredibly rare since this one is his most Satvik Swaroop or the most innocent, positive, auspicious, and pure side of the Supreme Soul. Did you see this dream?

Chances are that the dreamer is very dear to God and hence, he too is all positive and innocent around you. This energy has a very spiritual meaning; both the God and the dreamer are of the same energy and have reached a place of equilibrium wherein the energy of the Supreme Soul and that of the dreamer has some sort of cooperation going on either for the animals or for the environment. Such a dreamer may turn out to be a huge spiritual Guru or may even become a great healer in some time. This is a rare dream, very rare indeed, so the person who saw this White Ganesha dream without external stimuli is a noble soul.

Lord Ram dream meaning: Soulmate connection, victory, and abundance!

Saffron Ganesha dream: This is a great sign for anyone who has been trying to manifest something for a long time. The arrival of Sindoori /Saffron hued (light or slightly richer/darker color) represents glory or laurels for the dreamer in the days to come. Seeing saffron Ganesha dream in meditation is also the same (with no external stimuli) but it may take much longer energy to descend on the meditator.

Saffron Ganesha dream is the sign of piety, grace, beauty, creativity, and deep love heading the dreamer’s way. It is likely that after seeing this dream, the person may experience some sensations in his/her body like a little nervousness, headache, and lower back pain, as the Supreme Soul’s energy would travel up and down the spine for his/her body to absorb. This energy would help the person to control his senses and channelize his energy towards the desired goal.

Saffron Ganesha dream tells a person to always be passionate as well as to be driven towards the goal.

One may even find that there some other messages also hidden in the dream. For example, If Lord Ganesha is seen with a red snake, then it is the sign of great success in money.

Shivling dream meaning: Blessings, love, money and powers enter your life!

If Lord Ganesha is seen standing alone in saffron hue, then it is the sign of happiness, easier times ahead, and also of old desires becoming real and manifesting in the mortal world.

If Lord Ganesha is seen standing under the shade of the Banyan tree, then beware of hidden enemies and anger and remember that a superior shelter is there for you.  If Lord Ganesha is seen with the camel, then it is the sign of a long and arduous journey that would yield good results despite the misgivings.

If Saffron hued Lord Ganesha is seen with a black bear, then you should know that a powerful Deva or Spirit Guide is heading to assist you. This powerful Dev/Devi, or the Spirit Guide will also have the power to grant the dreamer wishes with regards to small sums of money like USD 10 or USD 80 in a day.

If in the saffron hued Ganesha dream the Lord appears with a peacock, then fame is forecasted for the dreamer and he/she and his fame would travel far despite lacking the means.

If saffron hued Lord Ganesha is seen with a black snake, then all worries with regards to one’s lack of good judgment are ending.

Atop a common mouse, Saffron hued Ganesha dream foretells of common everyday happiness while atop a python means complete and utter bliss in day to day life.

Since Saffron hued Ganesha dream is a major blessing hence, one may likely have felt a sort of frenzy or Euphoria in the dream. Some may have even woken up with a start; it is just the way for the dreamer’s soul to indicate that the person must write a note of thanks, then and there, for the supreme energy to enter his space easily. Showing gratitude like this is nothing but shows acceptance. Welcome the gift from the dearest friend and make a point to pour your heart out in that letter.

 Topiary Ganesha dream: A green-hued Ganesha in a dream represents upcoming happiness and blossoming love between the dreamer and the Supreme Soul. A sure sign of money, happiness, calm, and also satiation since this dream is the mark of pure love of God.

But is Topiary Ganesha dream similar to the green-hued Ganesha dream?

Actually, it is a step ahead of the Green Ganesha dream as this means that the Lord’s energy is so real and so close that the dreamer cannot imagine. What is a mere bush to everyone’s eye is actually Lord Ganesha’s own consciousness that has descended to take care of his ward. The dreamer who saw this dream should know that the Lord is soon going to appear in front of him/her and their bond would be like that of long lost friends or that of father-daughter and every sort of love that one can imagine. This sort of love is indescribable for me, so I will leave it here.

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Please note, that this dream represents the love reciprocated by the Supreme Soul and must be seen in that way, after all, we all are part of the supreme soul’s consciousness and energy.

By Namta Gupta