Dream Journal: Seeing a Black Snake in dreams? Here is what it means!

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Black snake in a dream is the sign of our dormant intuition and our basic morality like thou shall not steal, thou shall not hurt sentient beings, thou shall not kill and thou shall tend to plants and trees, etc., I mean the basic morality that one is born with and is part of our intuition.

A black snake is part of our personal goals and morals as well.

If seeing a black snake in a dream, then remember you are technically seeing your own intuition in a snake-like form.

This snake often also appears in dreams when the blessings of ancestors and lower-level spiritual entities are about to enter or have entered a person’s life in some form or the other. This person may be scared of accepting their help in waking life, hence, they first come and reveal themselves through this form.

If the person is worried about his/her health or is suffering from an injury, then the black snake may either coil around the injury or bite or strike at that area. This is a sort of spiritual healing arranged by the Supreme Soul and no one needs to be afraid of this. If a person has little or no money he/she may see a black snake sitting in a locker filled with money suggesting his/her passed on dear ones are trying to find a way in this field. If you are the person who saw a black snake getting killed by an axe or stabbed with a blade or knife, then this means that you have forgotten what you were and have left your morals behind and your passed on loved ones are disappointed about this. If one sees a black snake coming out of an egg or witnesses hatching in a dream, then it shows a major blessing from ancestors heading your way. Witnessing hatching could also mean that the passed on loved ones of the person are working for and are actively praying for the blessing of your heart’s desire.

Blue Snake in dream: Sign of a Spiritual Master! Take note!

If one sees a black snake see itself in a mirror or its reflection on any surface, then it is time to contemplate life and goals. Also, if any color snake sheds skin in the dream, then it is time sign of extreme bliss one will feel in a new setting soon. But bear in mind that a snake shedding its skin in a dream especially a black one is a great sign altogether except when it soon devours something in the dream. Angel numbers 555, 777 and even 101010 are similar in energy the black snake dream.

by Namta Gupta