Blue Snake in dream: Sign of a Spiritual Master! Take note!

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Blue snake, Royal Blue Snake, Dark Blue Snake: Seeing this snake is the sign is equal to talking to the Supreme Soul. The sign of the Supreme Soul himself/herself, the dream foretells the exponential growth of a person’s soul.

One of the rarest of the snake to ever appear in a dream is the blue snake. Take notice of what the snake says or does and pen everything including emotions down and start meditating for messages.

A blue snake is the symbol of love, hope, the awakening of a higher order, and is the sign of the greatest of all powers seeking or checking on you. A blue snake would always appear to channelers or spiritual masters.

It is rare to see this snake in a dream, hence, one must visit a Temple and offer respects to Lord Vasuki and Lord Sheshnag and ask for further help in spiritual growth. 11 days of such respect or prayers are recommended. Also, all signs and synchronicities must be noted by the individual after the blue snake’s appearance. This sign is very much like the Angel numbers 000, 0000, and 777 that I have written extensively about and is available on this site.

By Namta Gupta

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