Dream Journal: Are You Seeing Snakes in Dreams?

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Snakes appear in our dreams when our soul has a message to deliver to us. Snakes are nothing but the highest consciousness that envelops our world and is also directly connected to each individual through kundalini (which by the way is like a golden snake) energy of our body. Snakes represent the world and also the world beyond our wildest dreams.

Cosmos, enlightened forces, love, or the Universe/Supreme Soul all speak to us by taking the form of a snake but snakes appear only to those connected to some sort of spirituality.

They would never appear to anyone who is completely aloof to other sentient beings or nature so so yourself a favor do not worry much.

Snakes in dreams are signs of hope and also come to warn us of the challenge and friction that may appear to an individual. It may also appear to tell a person to be ready for spiritual awakening, to foretell that a person may soon be put on a pedestal by the Supreme Soul for others to emulate, or it could be just a simple ‘hello’ from the universe to the person.

Our waking brain would make us believe that snakes are evil but the subconscious knows the truth. Hence, an important point to note in a snake dream is the feeling or emotion the person was in.

Exasperated? Perplexed? Annoyed? Angry? Happy? Content? Cheerful?

What was your emotion?

Snakes in a dream are like messengers but they choose or may not choose to be in direct in their messages, hence, deciphering them is essential.

Blue Snake in dream: Sign of a Spiritual Master! Take note!

By Namta Gupta