Green snake in dreams: Reclaim your true self!

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Little green snakes or even enormous ones are about the placid qualities of a person. The green snake represents calmness and a connection that one often feels when in nature, walking. Green snakes appear to rare individuals who like to live life the Zen way.

They are not channelers or spiritual teachers but ordinary people trying to live a content life free from the worries of the world. The green snake appears to individuals who like to live and must live close to nature.

They may be first time born and are here on Earth to learn and absorb teachings of all that is sacred. Green snake striking at a person is rare but is a warning to go back to nature and shun violence of all kinds.

Planting trees and tending to plants and fauna is a must. These people must learn meditation and must learn to relieve stress or they may get prone to violence or diseases like high blood pressure, migraine, chronic fatigue or nose bleeding etc.

Angel Number 786 coincides with the green snake energy and its message.

A green snake being killed by unknown people in a dream means that the society has stifled a person’s basic calm temperament and that the soul is dying while a person killing a green snake in a dream is tantamount to spiritual suicide for which he/she may never be able to forgive himself.  A piece of advice; when a green snake appears in a dream, write down all it did and ask yourself why it did what it did and what were you thinking or feeling or doing at that time?

This is the key to your query.

If seeing the murder of the green snake, please ask for divine help from your guides or devas and stay up at night and stare at the sky requesting help. Please remember that help will always come for new souls as the Supreme Soul/the Universe would like to help them in growing spiritually. Green snakes are also often associated with the Anahata Chakra or the Heart Chakra. But, I would say that they represent our very own true peaceful and merciful selves who love others irrespective of culture, language, or nationalities. Let me also say that the green snake would appear to people who have forgotten what it is to love and embrace without judging others.  A person seeing a green snake has forgotten compassion and it is for this reason that he witnessed this snake in his dream; to tell him what he/she was and what he/she has become.

Green snake also appears when an otherwise merciful person allows other’s hate to penetrate his mind and the soul is revolting against it and the latter’s abhorrence for this becomes clear when physical manifestation comes forth in the form of diseases.

I would like to again repeat that the green snake seeing people must learn to go in nature and see Supreme Soul in all. They must take to pottery or sculpture making or take to animal and plant care in a big way.

By Namta Gupta

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