Dream journal: What seeing a camel in dream means?

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Dreams are often not given any thought; most of us end up forgetting them anyways. But some dreams are lasting and often leads to speculations. What did it mean? Was it a warning? Or was it cryptic good news?

Today I  dreamt of a camel standing stoically in front of me and then gazing at me compassionately.

Now, what could this mean?

Honestly, I tried to shrug it off but later dived into the temptation for an interpretation. In any case, I have been doing it for many others for long, so I do have some experience. So I decided to meditate on it for a while and drew some conclusions:

Camels are symbols of surviving on little and in uncertain, and challenging terrain. But the point is that they do survive! They are intelligent creatures who aren’t afraid to sink their feet in the sand in the blazing sun and survive on little to no water or food for many days.

Anyone seeing a camel in a dream at a time of distress (like during Coronavirus) should know that the Shakti is watching the dreamer compassionately and is informing his/her subconscious mind that the times may be tough; that the place we are in at present may be difficult, but, that we will survive and come out sturdy, much like a camel.

Seeing a camel walk up to you and give you a nod also means that Mother Shakti, or Mother Durga as we call her, acknowledges our struggle but she is certain of our victory.

While a camel attacking and the dreamer afraid of this attack, could foretell that in upcoming days or even in the present times, he/she needs to steady themselves and face the challenges.

A lot can be understood by merely concentrating and writing down the dream in detail and also checking the emotion of the dreamer that he/she felt during the dream state. If he or she stood straight and was able to tackle the camel then it indeed shows fortitude in challenging times.

Seeing a camel eat in peace is a sign of the closing of a tough cycle in life while a malnourished and distraught camel could mean tougher times.

These are my interpretations if you have had a dream that you think you can share, then all ears!

Namta Gupta