Dream journal: Red snake is the supreme sign of abundance but better be careful!

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A red snake is the sign of supreme danger especially when the snake is striking or sticking out its tongue at a person in a dream. It is the Universe’s way of telling the person that be ready for challenges ahead.

Financial losses or health deterioration may happen in upcoming days if the sign is received. It is therefore important to pray for assistance from Spirit Guides/Devas/Angels to help a person tide over. Red snake in calm, serene, and swaying pose and staring at a person is the sign of happiness one feels in everyday life. A red snake slithering towards a person and offering its head to him/her is the sign that all challenges will be overcome in waking life.

A predominantly reddish snake is also a sign of supreme happiness but like I have said in my previous articles, a person’s emotions in seeing the entity matters.

A red snake is also a sign of money.

A calm red snake chopped or cut or slashed by a person shows that the person is unprepared for the abundance he/she is desiring in waking life.

A gigantic red snake sitting calmly shows steady money pouring in life in upcoming days, while a weak and pale snake red snake is the sign of bad days ahead when it comes to money flow.

It is also a sign of a ‘clogged or flooded’ Muladhara Chakra hence, the assistance of guides/devas is advised. Simple worship of Lord Ganesha in color red or ‘Kshipra’ Ganpati will help a person.

A red snake that is able to empower a person and swallow is the sign of all hopes being lost when it comes to money.

But if a fight back happens resulting in the snake recoiling and escaping foretells of huge success for the person.

Please note that if in the dream, a person attacks a snake which is merely sitting calmly or in a sort of trance then it shows a lack of culture, empathy, compassion, and also spirituality.

This attack is often our own higher consciousness telling us to work on these parameters essential for a person’s growth or the soul would get damaged beyond repair.

Red snake if coming and greeting a person like a friend is the sign of money energy being agreeable with the person’s current energy level and this is also a moment to be happy as a red snake is the supreme sign of power, prestige, manifestation, glory or fame, money and vigor.

Its appearance is a matter of great deliberation as it affects our waking life directly. A whole and hearty predominantly red snake or python coming in an agreeable and friendly way is a welcome sign and correlates with the energies of Angel Numbers 111, 888, 666, and also 797979.

By Namta Gupta

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