Bahrain: Muslim woman breaks Lord Ganesha idol, to be tried in court

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New Delhi, August 18, 2020: In a landmark move, the Bahrain police have charged a Muslim woman for attacking Hindu God Lord Ganesha and publically insulting a religious symbol on Sunday.

The police summoned the woman and have already charged her with “intentionally damaging a shop… and breaking religious idols.”

The case is from the Juffair area, Manama and the woman has admitted to her crime and has been charged with multiple counts of insulting a religion’s symbol as well as criminal damage. She will now be tried in a court.

In the video two burqa-clad women can be seen talking while looking at the Lord Ganesha idol with one saying that this is a Muslim country, am I right?

Then the other one says ‘we will see who will worship the idols.’

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Khalid al-Khalifa, the advisor to the king of Bahrain and former foreign minister condemned the act and said that breaking religious symbols is not the character of the people of Bahrain. It is a crime. Here, all religions, sects, and people coexist.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia arrested a Muslim man who insulted the religion of an Asian man,

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