Lotus dream meaning: Wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual gifts head your way!

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Saw a lotus dream? Like receiving a lotus from a divine entity? Chances are that the dreamer is also getting lots of messages and new information of the ‘older world’ that existed way before it became too ‘old’ for us ‘present-day’ generation.

If in the lotus dream, the flower is received from a divine entity who the dreamer recognizes as ‘God’ like Lord Brahma, then it means a time of new prosperity, new creation, and also a blessing of gaining superior guidance through a ‘living Guru’.

If divine female energy like Mahalaxmi gives a lotus to the dreamer, then it means that the dreamer will have to accept financial gifts whether he/she desires or not.

If Mahakali grants a lotus flower, then it almost always means a completed journey or phase in the dreamer’s life.

Lord Ganesha granting a lotus means all wishes coming true in the shortest time possible.

Lotus seen by the dreamer in a water body means the sign of impending happiness and prosperity if only he/she would take steps to achieve the goal.

If in the lotus dream, a crocodile has this flower in its mouth, then it means reaping rewards but after a draining battle.

If a withering or a dying lotus appears in the dream then it means lack of good values in the dreamer.

If in the lotus dream, the flower is handed to the dreamer by an ancestor, then it means that the departed loved ones are happy with the dreamer’s spiritual growth while Lord Vishnu granting a lotus means a time of superior comfort.

If Lord Sheshnag and Lord Vasuki hand over a lotus bud, then it means that the time has come for spirituality to rise within the person.

Lotus dream represents mostly spiritual awakening and prosperity. But in the rare case, a lotus dream also warns a dreamer towards the total lack of respect for the divine and the spiritual when this flower is seen as being destroyed by the dreamer either by trampling, plucking, shredding or by knifing. Seeing the destruction of the lotus also means that the person is immature and thus whatever he/she is seeking would be too much for him/her to handle or that this person would most likely use a coveted gift to harm others and thus the Supreme Soul has decided to not grant the wish.

In the lotus dream, a garland of this flower being received by the dreamer from a deity is the sign of respect, he/she would attain for his ‘kul’ or the family.

In the lotus dream, the flower submerged in water is the sign of little to no way of attaining what the dreamer wishes in the present circumstances, and the efforts made so far.

Lotus dream is associated with the Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra and those who see it granted either in a state of meditation, concentration, or dream, without external stimuli, may soon get visited by Godly energies.

So be prepared.

There are two other types of lotuses, the neel kamal (blue lotus), and the brahm kamal, which the Hindus use extensively to worship.

They rarely make an appearance in the dreams.

Seeing brahm kamal represents ancient wisdom, the melody of life, and complete awakening hence, extremely rare to see it in a dream.

Seeing neel kamal (Saussurea obvallata) represents wisdom, knowledge, and ability (a rare and extraordinary one) to see and seek truth in extremely challenging circumstances.

As I had mentioned, these two lotuses are rarely seen in dreams as they represent knowledge, often timeless, which takes several births before one is able to absorb and comprehend it fully. This dream is unique if the dreamer has seen it.

By Namta Gupta