Marigold dream meaning: Rarely seen alone, it is a mark of your spirituality

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Marigold flowers or genda phool are a major part of Hindu puja as they are offered to the Supreme Soul in different avatars. It is a common flower used in the rituals. But seeing Marigold dream is especially a matter of great pride and happiness as it represents spirituality, a gift from the Universe.

Marigold garland in the neck of the statue of a deity like Goddess Durga is the sign of her appearance and help in the dreamer’s day to day life.

In the neck of Lord Ganesha, it represents blissful knowledge while a marigold flower on the Shivaling is the mark of a soul’s evolution spiritually.

Marigold dreams are uncommon since the flower would rarely appear in the dream alone. The flower appears nearly always with figures who the human identifies as either Godly or God-like.

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Marigold dream reflects humility in devotion. The marigold is sometimes yellow, orange, saffron or has marks of reddish tint in them as well. Its saffron hue is the sign of a spirit connected to the source while a red colour marigold represents a friendly yet egoistic person who the Supreme Soul wants to correct.

A yellow marigold in a dream is the sign of a marked individual as he/she would have the power to achieve anything spiritually and materially. Thus marigold dream is a huge blessing as it tells us the quality of the dreamer’s soul.

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By Namta Gupta