Cobra sex dream meaning: Accept your core self and embrace spirituality

Swachh Bharat Ambassador,Swacchotsav,Sunidhi Jangid , Rajasthan, Kekdi Nagar Parishad

Sex dreams are not uncommon in our world. Many people often see these dreams but rarely do they understand.

Also, sometimes a person may either feel disgusted or shy while discussing it. Now, one of the most common sex dreams is one mating with a cobra.

The cobra sex dream in particular gives rise to a lot of misgivings and anxiety in the mind of the dreamer.  But there is nothing to be ashamed of; dreaming about having sex with a snake or having sex with a cobra, technically, means coming to know or delve deeper into our own core self.

Our kundalini energy often awakens but our soul does not know how to communicate this to us as we hardly meditate these days. The cobra sex dream appears to us to jolt us out of our slumber and tell us that communion with our own power and spirituality is waiting but our mind is unable to accept it.

The people who see the cobra sex dream may have heard phone ring dreams and may already have had visitations from superior spiritual forces and still, maybe due to social conditioning, refused to pay heed.

Hence, this dream appears as the last resort to awaken the sleeping python in the person; accept your soul growth, accept who you are, and engage with the power that is coiling and uncoiling within or else it would burst out in ways that could be as unpleasant as the dream.

Please note; seeing oneself having sexual intercourse with a cobra or a snake is not actually desiring sex with a reptile nor is it a sign of anything bestial or disgusting. It is actually a sign of the union between the person, overburdened with routine, with his own uncoiling energy.

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Cobra sex dream is often seen through the prism of ‘sexual deviances’ by society and even psychologists but you would always find that that explanation would never hold true.

Sex is not merely a physical act

Sex as we see today is just an arrangement to satisfy one’s carnal needs, devoid of emotions. But in spirituality, at least in the ancient Hindu society, it was seen as a way to commune with a soulmate only, and any association with a soulmate brings with it, balance, harmony, and power.

Very little importance is given to soul-level unions today and hence, sex has become something that actually no meaning.  Seeing the cobra sex dream is, therefore, the first step towards fully understanding your power. Take to meditation and aura cleaning and allow the Angels and Devas to guide you.  Angel Number 555 should be read further for enhanced understanding.

By Namta Gupta